It’s almost too much for one weekend.

Before I even start talking about the weekend recap I have to thank you all so much for your kind comments on Friday’s post. I wasn’t sure what people would say but I was glad you all said it and it definitely made me feel a whole lot better, so really. Thank You.

And onto the busiest weekend I’ve had in a while but was oh so totally fun and worth it.

Friday: After work I headed to dinner at Matt’s mom’s house which was delicious (as always) and fun. Afterwards Matt and I came home and got redressed and went out to Barney’s in Old Town to meet up with my cousin who was in town and later my sister and some of her friends showed up too. It was a pretty fun, chill night out and just the kind of night we needed before the rest of the busy weekend.

Saturday: Woke up earlyish and headed down to Newport for my friend Sydney’s bridal shower. It was a nice lunch and fun to hang out with some of her friends and get to know others before the wedding in August. I had to skip out of the shower early so I could make the two hour trek to meet some of the fabulous ladies of the blogosphere for lunch/dinner. Eventually I made it and got to hang out with Nicole, Kerri, Ev’Yan, Amanda, Andrea and Allison and it was awesome as always. Seriously I think I laughed more with those girls than I had all week, it was too funny. And some of the videos we shared were just too ridiculous and awesome all at once. But um yeah, great afternoon all around. Afterwards I trekked it on home and basically hung out watching TV with Matt before passing out quite early. And it was lovely.

Sunday: Woke up earlyish again (I’ll sleep in next weekend) and got ready before heading out with Megan to the LA Bridal Expo. At first we were a little overwhelmed with all of the stuff, but I ended up walking out with tons of info and cards and ideas and it was a lot of fun. And on top of it all we got to take some ridiculous pictures too:

we won! we won! we’re totally Oscar worthy :)

I totally want a photo booth at my wedding,
this was so much fun!Align Center

After we finished at the Expo we headed over to Griffith Park to get a hot dog from the weinermobile in support of the Liz Logelin foundation. As soon as we got there I saw Matt and I was a little awestruck at first, but I got it together and introduced myself and said I was a big fan of his blog and loved his writing and I’m pretty sure I gushed some more before talking like a normal person. Then Megan and I got our hot dogs and I got to meet little Madeline, who is seriously just as adorable and precious as she is in all of her pictures. So yeah, that was pretty lovely.

Eventually Megan dropped me off at home and I ran some errands with Matt before relaxing a bit. But before we knew it we were headed over to my aunt and uncle’s house to go swimming and have margaritas and tacos and play Wii, basically what every Sunday should be like. It was a great afternoon, we swam a bit, drank a bit, had delicious tacos, go intense with some Wii games and all around had a great time. Afterwards Matt and I came home to relax and sleep the rest of the night away.

So yes, it was a loverly weekend, seriously loverly. Although it may have felt like a million degrees it was nothing a pool, AC, or a margarita couldn’t solve, haha.

And how was your weekend? Did you survive the summer heat?

happy monday!