So I’m going to Chicago in two weeks…

And OHMYGOODNESS I am so excited!!!

So excited I could sing! Ba dum ching.

I’m get in on Tuesday the 21st and I have twoish days to explore the city and hang out with friends and some fam before the BlogHer awesomeness starts that Thursday. And did I say how excited I am? The only times I’ve been to Chicago have been for layovers in the airport and the one time my family drove through it on our massive road trip 13 years ago where we went to the Hard Rock cafe to buy me a shirt, that’s it.

So no longer a youngin and after hearing only great things about Chi Town, I’m quite excited to explore the city.

The Tuesday night I get in I’ll be going out with my friend for drinks and just catching up (I can’t wait! I haven’t seen her since we graduated college three years ago!). Wednesday she has to work so I’ll be on my own to explore the city. And this is where you all come in…

What the heck should I see? I’m pretty bad at directions so hopefully Chicagoans are nice folks that will help a lost California girl becaue I can already tell you I’m going to get lost. But I want to see the Bean, possibly Wrigley Field and have some pizza. Other than that I have no idea what to do in Chicago.

So people if you’ve been to Chicago, live in Chicago what do you suggest I do on my day out? And heck, want to come with me? I’ll be exploring until I go to dinner that night with my cousin and hang out with my friend again.

And then Thursday morning I think will be the same thing until I can check into my hotel and start revving up for BlogHer.

So please oh please tell me what to do and how to enjoy this oh so awesome city???

And did I mention I’m excited? :)

happy wednesday!