To iphone or not to iphone?

I want an iphone.

Yes I know this isn’t a surprise. I’ve blogged about it in passing, I’ve tweeted it and plain just said it out loud. I want an iphone.

I can’t help but play with other people’s phones and envision one for myself and all the ridiculous and useless apps I can get. I want an iphone.

But… I’ve never paid over $100 for a phone before. And right now it’s looking like the new schnazzy pants 3GS would cost me about $200 something, just for the phone!

On top of that my monthly phone bill right now is about $45 and I love it. So cheap, so easy, so nice. And if I join the iphone world my bill is sure to be about $90 to $100 or something. That’s more than twice what I’m paying now.

But I want an iphone.

On top of it all Matt’s been out of work for the past two months due to his back injury so that’s not so hot. And umm we have a wedding next year that I should be saving for. And yeah, I’m traditionally a saver more than a spender.

But man I really want an iphone.

So tell me friends, what should I do? Suck it up, go to one less movie, order one less drink and get myself the most glorious phone around or be a smart saver and wait a bit longer to have the internet and cool apps at my fingertips 24/7?

What would you do? Please help.

happy thursday!

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