I Remember the Time.

I don’t even know where to begin or what I really want to say.

I remember my aunt putting on her record of “Thriller” and us making up the dance as we went. All we could do is laugh and sing and have a great time.

I remember having slumber parties with my girl friends just to watch a Madonna or Michael Jackson concert.

I remember naming one of the stray cats in my neighborhood Michael Jackson because it was black and white.

I remember getting a “Beat It” T-Shirt for my birthday and wearing it non-stop (well it switched between my NKOTB shirt, haha).

I remember telling my friends and family that Michael Jackson was my boyfriend and being completely serious.

I remember staying up late with my parents to watch the premiere of the “Remember the Time” video and absolutely loving it.

I remember watching the Moonwalker movie and being completely in awe of the “Smooth Criminal” scene and trying to lean forward and failing miserably.

I remember singing “PYT” on a road trip with my girl friends and having way too much fun with it.

I remember watching the downward spiral and complete change of Michael over the past decade and wishing it wasn’t so.

I remember cringing at every accusation and interview.

I remember listening to his songs and everything being okay.

I’ll always remember the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson
1958 – 2009

happy weekend.