A schweet Hollywood day.

Oh Hollywood is a busy one today so let’s not waste any time and get to it:

  • So several of you asked why I didn’t post these oh so adorable Violet pics last week but oh I had planned to save them for today since they came out before I published last week’s post. So anyhoo, I share with you the cutest of the cute, little Violet Affleck:

    Her face cracks me up in this one and those stylin shades, gotta love it.

  • For bebe number two we have a newbie to the blog, Ever Gabo, the daughter of model/actress Mila Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson. I just thought this picture was precious and had to share it:


  • Also in bebe news, three big(ish) names in Hollywood announced they were expecting in the last week. Supermodel Giselle is expecting her first baby with Tom Brady, Judy Reyes from Scrubs announced that she is expeciting her first later this year and one of the craziest to me is Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend Camila Alves is expecting again (little Levi is only 11 months!).
  • Movin on from the bebes, did you know Hollywood’s got some good looking people? No really, it does. It’s kind of crazy.

    Diane Kruger at the CFDA awards last week looking fabulous
    even if she was missing her man, Josh

    Reese and Paul Rudd on the set of their new movie,
    How Do You Know, seriously heart them both

    Ryan “the hotness” Reynolds outside of Letterman,
    he’s just so dreaaaamy, haha

  • Also in some good lookinness Twilightishness, Rob Pattinson was making out with someone that wasn’t Bella!! Blasphemy!

    So yes Rob is already filming a new movie and New Moon has officially wrapped. But apparently Ray Bans are paying Rob or something because he’s always wearing them. Not that I mind, he can rock em alright.

  • In other movie news….
    Bruno. is. Everywhere. Seriously every day there’s a new crazy outfit Sasha’s wearing and I sort of love it. He’s ridiculous. The movie is going to be even more ridiculous. And I sort of laughed hysterically at his GQ cover (GQ people, GQ did this)

    Oh but you gotta give him credit for sticking to the character, oh man. I can’t wait to see what he wears to the American premiere of the movie.

    Alice in Wonderland. More pictures were released for the upcoming Tim Burton flick and umm Johnny Depp I love you and all but man this looks freakier than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

    Crazy pants. Even more stills from the movie can be found here and here.

  • And in TV news….
    Grey’s Anatomy. *spoiler ahead* It’s official, I was right. George O’Malley is peacing out of Seattle Grace while Izzie Stevens will be back. I really hope he gets a good exit or something with the elevator at least. But man I’m kind of bummed this was announced a good three months before the show comes back. Oh well, I still can’t wait to see the season premiere.

    Greek. I finally caught up on last week’s season finale and awwww. Team Casey and Cappie all the way! And I can’t feel too bad for Max because he’ll be on the new Melrose Place where he’s bound to find some new ladies, haha. But yeah, I sort of heart this show and hope there’s some big things coming when the show comes back in August. Woo!

    Scrubs. Is coming back? Although it’ll be missing some of it’s main characters Scrubs is officially coming back to the air. However, it won’t narrated by JD and it won’t be all around Sacred Heart, it’s primarily going to focus on med school kids and their teachers, Turk and Dr. Cox. I don’t know how I feel about this but I’ll at least give it a chance and see how it goes.

    John and Kate Plus 8. I could say so much about this show. But I really want to point out that they are airing the episodes out of order and it’s really annoying. They showed the kids with their new houses last week and today they got them. Gah. TLC your viewers aren’t dumb. And did everyone change in the same day? Seriously, different outfits to get the houses? And um when did John starting dressing like a teenager? And pierced ears? Has he always had them and dressed like that or is it his divorced life crisis kickin in? And I almost felt bad for Kate, almost being the key word. But hello they still decided to keep filming. So officially John and Kate are over, (which is even sadder considering they renewed their vows last year to “show their kids they’d always be together”, ugh) so who knows what will happen with the kids, because let’s be real it’s all about them. Gah this show is not nearly as cute and adorable as it used to be.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a Twitter story. A girl in Romania was electrocuted after she tried to twitter on her laptop while she was in the bathtub. Um say what? I couldn’t make these stories up if I tried.

And that my friends is today’s Hollywood scoop. And yes I saw the Perez story but I didn’t really want to talk about it. But anything else I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!