Dear Life, with love.

It’s been a while since I’ve written any letters, so what am I doing today?

Writing letters. Duh.

Dear Las Vegas,

Please be hot (but not too hot) this weekend. Please don’t take all of my money. Actually how about you make me a super mega millionaire off of the penny slots. That would be fantastic. And please let me stay up incredibly late and not get hungover. That would be magical. Oh oh and before I forget, please let all my bloggy friends arrive safely and let us all have a most fantabulous time eva!!

A girl that can only handle Vegas once a year

Dear Josh Kelley and Ryan Cabrera,

Shame on you! (yes it’s one of Ryan’s song titles) But really, shame! You get me all excited that you two were touring together and you even release a new catchy tune that I’ve played approximately 298490869 times BUT you don’t come to LA! What the eff?! You both are from here! You both live here! Ah! Blasphemy!

So just know, even if I am listening to your song non-stop, it doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you. So get your act together and come perform in the LA area!


One of the ten people that actually likes/has heard of both of you :)

Dear Rob,

May I call you Rob? Well of course I can, we’re friends right? Right? Anyways I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being awkward and dorky and brooding and adorable and mmmmm all at once. No really, thank you for that.


Katelin Pattinson … too much? Okay Katelin Cullen? Eh… Katelin Pattullen. Yes that works, haha.

Dear Fiance,

One. I hope your MRI goes well. And then seriously, stop being injured! :)
Two. Thank you for indulging me in the crazy that will be this weekend in Vegas. I promise my blogger friends are real and not creepy stalkers or anything and you’ll probably love all of them after the weekend is done.
Three. We’re getting married!


your fiancee

Dear Lakers,

Please win the NBA championship. And please don’t give Matt too much of a heart attack in the process. He stresses out and it stresses me out and then I laugh and then Matt gets more stressed. So really, do all of LA a favor and kick some Orlando ass.


One of the bagillions of people that will be rooting for Kobe and company.

Dear future wedding,

I’m so excited to plan you! Seriously, out of nowhere I’ve just gotten a wave of excitement and cute DIY ideas and color schemes and cards and videos and possible reception locations and ah! Now if only my budget was limitless, that would be even more amazing. But really wedding, you’re going to rock, I just know it.


the future bride :)

Dear cookies that are in my pantry,

Stop taunting me! You are not helping “Project Get Katelin Fit” at all! So really. Disappear or I’ll be forced to eat you. And it won’t be pretty.


A girl trying to rekindle her relationship with the Wii Fit

Dear Jodi Picoult,

I’m reading your newest book and I’m only about 50 pages in and I really like it already. You pick the most interesting topics to write about and I love that you switch narrators every chapter and yeah. Sort of love all of your stories, even if they are incredibly emotional and wow. I can handle it…most of the time, haha.


a readaholic

And those are my letters for today. Any letters you’d write today?

happy wednesday!