A tasty day in Hollywood.

Tuesday? Why yes it is. Helloooo Hollywood day. Let’s get to it. Oh! But first, the skirt from my pics last weekend and that I posted yesterday is from H&M. A lot of you asked, so I answer. And moving on to Hollywood….

  • Today’s first cute lilttle one we have the ever adorable Suri Cruise. It’s been a while since she’s graced this blog but this picture just made my heart melt a little bit:

    yummy donut and adorable mommy and me time

  • And keepin with the cute bebes and food theme of today, one of my most favoritest little guys, Sasha Schrieber with his parents enjoying some ice cream:

    so precious!

  • Also in bebe news, apparently Jennifer Hudson is pregnant! Congrats Jennifer! However I wonder what she’ll name the baby since she’s already named her pets Grammy, Oscar and Dreamgirl. So will her baby be Effie?
  • Okay movin on from the bebes for real, time for some MTV Movie Awards shiznit (oh yes I said shiznit). I just finished watching it and I gotta say it wasn’t all that bad. The Bruno bit had me laughing out loud, Andy’s opening was pretty entertaining, the whole Twilight crew was hoooot (awkward, but hot), Ben Stiller’s award was funny, Jim Carrey’s inner monologue was classic. But yeah all in all not a bad show.
  • And speaking of MTV awardness and Twilight. Oh Twilight!!! Can it be November yet? Although it may not be the best preview, I got chills just watching the preview again.

    oh hello sexual tension

    hello hawtness

    Oh and the whole cast was there and ah! Heart them. But wait, why was Catherine Hardwicke sitting next to Billy Zane?! Are they dating? What a funny couple. But I do heart Billy, he was in Titanic, I mean really!

    love it.

  • Also in movie news that’s not Twilight. Toy Story 3!!! The kid in me is so excited for this movie to come out next summer. And the teaser trailer is adorable! I cannot wait.
  • And in TV news….
    The Hills. Oh the Hills. What a freaking ridiculous finale. Spencer talking in third person, Justin Bobby looking like the hobo, fake fights about Holly, Heidi looking like the most ridiculous bride ever and gah. Officially done with this show. I know Kristin is taking over Lauren’s spot and I’m sort of curious to see how it plays out but I will resist, I will! And gah the wedding, Heidi and Spencer make me want to vom.

    They especially make me want to vom that I will in no way watch that I’m a Celebrity crap, especially since they’ve both already threatened to leave and gah. However, this picture did tempt me to watch:

    what a doll, haha

  • Lastly for today’s WTF news we have Daniel Craig on a stick. Not even making that up. At all. Apparently there was a survey in Britain of a thousand women asking which celeb they’d want to have on a stick and Daniel Craig won. So now for a limited time Daniel Craig’s upper body comes in popsicle form in three different flavors! If that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is.

And that my friends is what’s happening in Hollywood. Not a whole lot really, but hey works for me. Anything missing?

happy tuesday!