Wedding talk…and go!

I’ve been engaged a month. A month people! When did that happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

But really. I haven’t really talked much wedding here since then and there still isn’t a whole to talk about besides the fact that weddings are freakin expensive! It also doesn’t help that Matt and I have tons of family and friends making our guest list a little ridiculous right now. And finding a place for all of these family and friends is sort of tiring. So tiring that for a short second I sort of contemplated throwing it all out the window and just considered getting hitched in Vegas next weekend.

Buuuut then reality sunk in and of course I wouldn’t want that. I want all of my friends and family at my wedding and dag nabbit we will find a place we like that doesn’t require us to promise our first born, haha.

So somewhere in the midst of it all we’ll start making some real plans and I’ll go gaga over everything on Etsy and WeddingBee and The Knot and ah! I’m getting married people!

And I still couldn’t ‘be more excited!! :)

Anything making you excited today?

happy weekend all!