Oh how I love good girly weekend.

Oooooh and I’m back for real! Hi freaders! I’ve missed you. How have you been? How was your long weekend? Mine was pretty dang fabulous and I’m sort of sad it’s over already, but alas ’tis life. Anyhoo time to recap and share the awesomeness, woo:

Thursday: Left for Atlanta at the crack of dawn. Flew all day and finally made it only to get lost in the airport, I’m a winner, haha. Eventually I made it out and my friend Kathleen and I were on our way to good ole North Carolina. Six hours later we made it and hung out with Jen and grabbed some drinks and just enjoyed being together, it was great.

Friday: Slept in which was amazing and lazed around for a good part of the morning before the three of us headed off to Childress Vineywards for the afternoon. It was so much fun. We tried some tasty wines and then bought a bottle and relaxed outside for a bit.

Jen, me and Kathleen enjoying some delicious wine

oh what a view

Seriously, it was a great afternoon… after we left the winery we watched some TV and hung out before picking up our friend Zoe from the airport and waiting for the Ohio girls to get there. And once they did get there, it was glorious! Nothing beats having almost all of your favorite girls together again.

Saturday: Slept in again (and man it was amazing) and took our time getting ready before heading off to the Taste of Durham. It was so freaking hot I couldn’t believe it. But at least the food was tasty. I had some delicious ahi tuna and mac and cheese and shaved ice and mmmmmmdelish.

the girls enjoying some tastiness

enjoying the lovely day

We also listened to some music and hung out a bit before heading back to the airport to get our final friend Alli since her flights had been delayed all day. And man I can just say that being together again was glorious. So many laughs and jokes and memories oh good times…oh and also the best song ever, not even kidding, The Booty Song. Just try not to laugh when you listen to it.

After dinner we headed back to Jen’s place to pregame, play Apples to Apples (I still stand by it as the best game eva, haha, love it), and just hang out before heading to the bars.

some of the ladies hangin out

oh I really love this game

After hanging out a bit we eventually made our way to the bar (all eight of us stacked into one cab, oh man was that tricky) downtown. And I gotta say, as expected, it was great. We all got buzzed (if not drunk) and laughed the night away, met Jen’s bf, had some cheap drinks (oh I love the South), and an all around great time. My favorite part was when we left the bar and had an impromptu photo shoot around a statue in the middle of town in the middle of a street, it was hilarious.

heart these girls


The night ended with us squishing into Jen’s bf car, singing the Booty song and laughing until all hours of the night. Twas awesome.

Sunday: (sorry this is long, it was a long weekend!) We got ourselves together after the long night and headed to another winery. You can never have too much wine right? It was such a fun time, we got to sit in the barrel room and chat and be loud and pick out our wines and yes, lovely.


posing with the wine barrels, mmmmmwine!

After the wineries we headed to Winston-Salem had some dinner, laughed at the fact that I say “granted” a million more times than the average person, and and a dandy time. After dinner we came back and indulged in some ABC Family goodness of Another Cinderella Movie and then Bride Wars. It’s nights like that that make me miss my girlfriends. Those movies were both horrendous and fabulous and so much better watching it with girls, haha.

Monday: Lazed around in the morning and eventually everyone but me took off. It was sort of sad to see them go but I know I’ll see them again in October for Virginia’s wedding so I can’t wait! After everyone left Jen and I spent the day window shopping and hanging out and chatting and catching up and all around having a girly fabulous day. Seriously my favorite. A favorite kind of weekend all around and I couldn’t have pictured it any other way.

Tuesday: Flew home way to early and was way too sad to end my vacation. Luckily when I did get home Matt didn’t want the vacation to end just yet either. After relaxing a bit we headed to the movies and saw Angels and Demons, had some dinner, then went back to the theater to see Star Trek. It was just the night I needed.

And that my friends is the oh so fabulous long weekend I so needed and most definitely enjoyed to the fullest.

and how was your weekend?

happy wednesday!