Annnnnd I’m back!

Well sort of. As you can tell I didn’t blog yesterday and hopefully you all saw Alexa’s gem of a dream post.

Anyhoo I only say I’m back sort of because I’m technically flying home as you read this. So no I can’t recap the whole weekend and no I don’t have any of my own pictures up and dang it all I just don’t really have a whole lot to share just yet. But I didn’t want to leave you hanging for so long.

So just know I drank tons of wine, laughed non-stop, ate at the weirdest times, hung out with some of the best friends a girl could imagine, watched movies on ABC family and had an all around blast.

And with that I leave you with a teaser picture:

Jen and I with Mr. Childress’s car.
Apparently he’s a big deal or something, haha.

Come back tomorrow for the whole weekend rundown. Hope you all had a most fantabulous weekend!

happy tuesday!