friday share v3 – dream edition

by footsiefriend on May 22, 2009

whoa, so this is what it feels like to be a footsie friend of katelin’s? i can get used to my feet in the sand, that’s for sure. excuse me while i get comfortable – there’s the spot.

HI, i’m alexa and i write the blog cleveland’s a plum. yes, THAT cleveland, the one in ohio, the city with LEBRON.

anyways, so recently i’ve started a friday feature on my blog where i share something then YOU share something. hence the ridiculously catchy and original title of ‘friday share’, (that’s why i get paid the big bucks), and this friday i’m bringing it over to katelin’s.

considering katelin is so well versed in all things hollywood, living in LA and all. i decided that this would be a good place to discuss a hollywood themed dream i had on wednesday. which goes a little something like this…

picture it, cleveland ohio, my apartment downtown. it’s evening and i’m sitting on my couch reading a book while halfway listening to entertainment tonight. when there’s a knock on my door.

i answer it and to my surprise it’s BRAD PITT and his children. and i’m talking ALL of his children: maddox, pax, zahara, shiloh, knox and vivienne. i’m standing there in disbelief when he says,

“i have an emergency and i need you, alexa, to watch my children”

“me? why? how did you know where i live?”, i said.

“i know everything about you”, brad creepily said while pushing his brood into my apartment.

and with that he was off, walking away from me down the hall. all the while i was yelling, “but where’s angelina? can’t she watch them? don’t you have a nanny!!?!?”

i close my apartment door and turn around to see the kids standing there staring at me.

“hi guys”, i said, “do you want a popsicle?”

i received a unanimous yes and headed to the fridge to grab some freezer pops, handing one to each child. i show the ridiculously well behaved children to my deck and we sit outside and catch fireflies.

seriously, fireflies. and then i woke up.

do i or do i not have the most boring dreams?

i mean this dream had the potential of being awesome. hello -brad pitt at your door! that alone can go in so so so many pleasant directions. but what happens? i get left with his kids, not him, sitting on my deck eating popsicles.

apparently my boring life is even forcing its way into my dream life. lame-o.

so what have you dreamed about lately? it’s got to be better than mine.

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  • liferehab

    Last night I dreampt I got attacked by a mantatee while in jail. I was in jail for 2 years b/c I was speeding… 55 in a 75… think I’m nervous about my court date in July?

  • Katerina_xx

    I always have really weird dreams. I had one a couple of days ago and I was on a massive ship with most of the kids from my class. We were sitting on the deck tanning, talking, laughing having fun and then I’m not really sure what happened but everyone starting yelling and screaming and the whole ship was in a state of chaos. I look over the side of the ship and I see the biggest wave in the whole history of really big waves.Then some random adult comes in and tells us all that the only way we can stay on the ship and not go overboard is to find a pair of sunnies and strap ourselves onto these roller coaster type chairs that seemed to be stuck on in a sort of circle around a really tall and wide metal cylinder thing in the centre of the ship. So there was this massive struggle to get sunnies. I punched out a couple of people and managed to get a pair of black sunnies. I strapped myself into one of the chairs and just sat there watching the wave get bigger and bigger. And just as it was about to crash right on top of us I woke up.Talk about weird

  • Mandy

    I dont really remember my dreams but I would say any dream with Brad Pitt is a good one, even if he is just using you as a babysitter. =)

  • Lily G.

    I rarely remember my dreams. i wish i could!

  • Marie

    I had a work dream. I think I beat you in the lame and boring department.

  • joy refurbished

    I had a dream last night about my ex. Ugh.

  • mommy_to_liv

    I often dream about the Backstreet Boys. LOL.

  • Angela

    I had a dream about Hootie and the Blowfish. How fucking random!

  • peterdewolf

    Please tell me you had to look up the names of Brad Pitt’s kids.I had a dream about a female blogger recently.

  • Fizzgig

    yea i just dreamt a girl i work with walked in on me pooping and acted like nothing was up, and then asked me if it was big or small when i told her i was POOPING. its cus shes hella annoying and in everyones business and i can totally see her doing that.

  • Matt

    Alexa…can I call you “smells” like Maxie does?Let me know.

  • shine

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s afraid of the fact that you can spout off the names of Brad Pitt’s children.On Fridays, I break up with people/things that have pissed me off, but last week’s was about a weird dream I had about cockroaches…gross.

  • LiLu

    I dreamed that Jim from the Office and I were working together in a brothel. We were just hanging out in our hooker garb, shooting the shit and talking, waiting for a trick to come in and buy one of us. We didn’t even HOOK UP!!! WTF??

  • Andhari

    I may not be good with kids but I’ll say yes to that if I ever get the chance to hump him. Sexiest dad ever!:P

  • Nurit

    Mundane doesn’t even start to cover it. I had a dream I bought bottled water and couldn’t reach it off the shelf. Then I dreamed I was reading. How’s that for mundane? :)



  • Maxie

    do not tell matt where the smells thing came from. he’s dying to know!!! DO NOT FALL INTO HIS TRAP.

  • Tippy

    i love your sunny and bright blog :)

  • a darling’s eye

    i had a dream about orlando bloom once. fast forward, i dumped my over-1-year-old boyfriend and became bloom’s beloved girlfriend. this is what dreams do when you have too much fantasy. lol.

  • Tazi

    Lol!! i really enjoy reading this blog! i had a weird dream about on of my friends having an exam about an eye surgery in highskool :S and she was sooooo … streched… like so streched her skin was torn and so dry and so scary! and i once dreamt that the world was about to end and we were being saved by cartoon characters and people who are gonna live are only the ones who managed to get on a bus… one bus for the whole world.. :S lool i remember almost all my dreams :D

  • Mermanda

    I love it. Brains are weird.

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