A "throw your cap in the air" kind of weekend.

Dear weekend. Come back already! You went by too fast! Ah! I men really there was an anniversary, a graduation, a birthday, some parties, I’m tired again just thinking about it! Anyhoo recap here we go!

Friday: Thank you all so much for the comments on Friday’s post and tolerating all of my mushiness lately, haha. But yeah Friday night was loverly spending our anniversary together. Matt made a fabulous dinner and we had some wine, relaxed a bit, went over to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream, then settled in for a night with Role Models. So yeah we just enjoyed a good night in and I loved it.

Saturday: Ran some errands in the morning before heading out to my sister’s college graduation. COLLEGE GRADUATION! My LITTLE SISTER graduated from COLLEGE! Ah! I still can’t believe it. I’m so proud of her and still baffled at the fact that she’s already graduated. So crazy!

the graduate!

The graduation was a typical graduation and afterwards we hung around and took some pics of the fam before heading off to dinner.

the graduate with the family

After dinner Matt and I went to the local dive bar with my aunt, my dad and our cousin. It was so much fun. We drank a lot and got waaaay too into the touch screen game and got an audience in the process, haha. It was awesome.

Sunday: My sister’s graduation party was the day’s main event. Some family from out of town made it in, lots of friends came too and a really good time all around. It was even more fun for me to see some family and friends that I hadn’t seen since getting engaged, so it was fun to retell the story and show off my ring a bit.

all the family (well most of)

my cousin and I flashing our rings, haha

my parents and the graduate

Matt and I rockin our shades

After her party Matt and I went to his mom’s house for a BBQ with his fam and to see his family in town from Chicago. So basically I can’t eat any more for a week because that’s all I did the whole weekend, eat and drink and be merry, haha. After the BBQ I went out again for my friend’s little sister’s 21st birthday. It was a fun time hanging out with friends, drinking my water and convincing people it was straight vodka, haha, and just having a good time. All in all it was a great way to cap off a fantastic weekend.

And how was your weekend? Any graduations? I feel like they’re everywhere now! It’s grad season! (congrats to all grads, woo!)

happy monday!