I’m being followed by Weddings.

Weddings are stalking me. I’m not even kidding. Ever since I got engaged there have been weddings everywhere I turn! Don’t believe me? Well…

  • Greek. Last week (or was it two weeks ago?) there was a wedding at Cyprus, everyone went, the bride was crazy and her hair was big.
  • Grey’s Anatomy. As I mentioned yesterday Izzy and Alex got married, it was so sweet and precious and adorable and Meredith and Derek still have to tie the knot.
  • The Today Show. They’ve been advertising their yearly “Today Throws a Wedding” recently and I’ve half-not-really-sort-but-definitely-not considered it.
  • Brothers and Sisters. Justin and Rebecca are getting married and his pre-proposal made me get a little teary on Sunday, so sweet.
  • Desperate Housewives. Catherine is wedding obsessed and getting hitched the hotness that is Mike and Susan was going to marry Jackson before immigration got him, so who knows what’s going on there.
  • Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Okay I knew what I was getting myself into when I went to see this with my mom but it was the only one we both wanted to see and it was very wedding-centric and pretty cute.
  • 7 Up. I’m currently reading book 7 of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich and there are so much talk of her maybe marriage to Joe Morelli it’s cracking me up.
  • PopSugar. One of my favorite celeb photo sites has a Wedding Season section that’s been staring me down lately and staring at celeb weddingness.
  • Friends’ weddings. I have four weddings coming up. I just received Virginia’s Save the Date (which is adorable by the way), an engagement party evite and I’m currently booking a hotel and flight for another wedding in New Mexico.
  • MOH. The last of those four weddings is my cousin’s wedding in which I am the maid of honor and my duties are calling lately, gotta get some sort of shower and bachelorette party going on soon.

See what I mean? Weddings are everywhere! They’re in my mail, on TV, online, in books I read, eveywhere!….And I’m okay with that.

I like getting ideas and adding stuff to the “wedding folder” in my inbox and remembering things I in no way want to do (sorry Grey’s no purple pastels for this wedding) or things I may want to say at toasts or stuff like that.

actually I’m thinking these pastels may work instead, haha

So anything following you around lately? Or are weddings stalking everyone these days, haha?

happy wednesday!