Heyo Hollywood.

Why hello there Tuesday nice to see you again so soon. Hollywood is here and ready so let’s go:

  • This week’s first celeb wittle bebe we have the Stefani-Rossdale boys. Seriously they are just all sorts of preciousness hanging out with mama Gwen:

    so adorable!

  • And for the second pair of cute bebes we have some more adorable boys that I don’t think I’d seen before. Little Lebron Jr. and Bryce Maximus James. Seriously these boys are so cute, and heck their dad is the NBA MVP, haha.

    what cuties!

  • In favorites news, I heart Josh and Diane. Obviously I love Josh Jackson and I love him with Diane. They are so cute together. And as they stroll around Paris I just can see the love, woo.

    so cute.

  • For today’s latest Twilight news, there really is no news just a picture of Rob Pattinson. I mean he’s all cute and vampireish looking, it’s pretty schnazzy. Is it November yet? I’m ready for New Moon to come out already!

    helloooo Mr. Cullen
  • Random non-favorites news, apparently for their wedding anniversary Dean McDermott gave Tori Spelling a new wedding ring. And it’s some sort of tradition that he buys her a new ring every year. Ummm doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of the wedding ring? Maybe that’s just me. And it also seems a little excessive, but then again when has Tori Spelling not been excesive.
  • A congrats is due to Jimmy Fallon who officially recieved his college diploma this weekend, seventeen years later. Better late than never right? Congrats Jimmy!
  • In movie news…
    Fun fact about Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, the girl that plays a young Jen Garner is the same girl that plays young Jen Garner in 13 Going on 30. At least she’s got a job any time a movie needs a young JG, haha.
  • And in TV news…
    Ohmygoodness it’s finale week. I’m pretty sure my DVR is excited. And I’m sort of excited to check out some shows on DVD and movie watching, oh the good ole movie watching. Anyhoodles shows are still going and I’ve got some recaps…

    Desperate Housewives. Come on now. Daaaave. Please tell me he dies in this week’s finale. Or gets arrested. Because honestly I can’t take him any more. And ohmygoodness MJ is adorable, seriously precious. And um why is everyone getting engaged or married on every show? I’m pretty sure it’s because I got engaged and all my shows followed suit, haha.

    Brothers and Sisters. I love the Walkers. As messed up and crazy as they are I pretty much love them. However I am pretty annoyed with Kitty’s behavior, it’s just lame and gah, get over it. Granted I did think she realized that at the end but alas it’s the finale so who knows what’s happening next season. And yaaaay for Justin and Rebecca (even if she does have a Pacey-like past), they’re so cute. Even though they are sort of crazy, I sort have come to love them together again.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Oh yes, I teared. I tear at everything now. But the whole giving Izzy the wedding and George walking her down the aisle, yeah I teared. And umm when every kid in that car accident died!? Yeah I teared then too. Oh man. But helllloooo this week’s finale, Izzy. Will she die or won’t she?

    Greek. Max is just the cutest thing. Awkward yes, but adorable. And poor Rusty, so in love and yet so conflicted. Ashley and her boy are so cute, love them. Seriously I love this silly show and it makes me miss college, even if my days weren’t as crazy I still miss it.

    Top Model. Bye bye Celia. I was sort of bummed to see her go because really, she was fierce. And I’m not really a fan of the top three but oh well. I think it’s going to be Teyona and Allison in the top two and Teyona may take it. And as usual, best recap ever here.

    The Hills. I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode yet but apparently Spencer decided that Heidi isn’t the only one that needs a “music” career. Spencer released a rap. I couldn’t listen to it but if you want to laugh for the rest of the day feel free to check it out.

    How I Met Your Mother. Ted’s ringtone is “Let’s Go To the Mall”, haha. I freaking love it. And oh Barney I heart you and your ridiculousness. But Stella, why Stella? I hope this was a leeway to something better coming on the show. And welcome back Lily and your super pregnant self.(*update: Lily the character isn’t pregnant but Alyson Hannigan was very pregnant during filming and you can totally tell how they’re hiding it, along with Colbie. So no characters are preg, just the actors, woo!*)

  • In today’s WTF news we have a fantabulous new (at least to me) website. At first we had, Fail Blog and then FML and most recently texts from last night and now we have Awkward Family Photos. Oh man this site is a gem. So much awkwardness it’s hilarious.

And that my friends is this week in Hollywood…anything I missed? Feel free to add it to the comments as always.

happy tuesday!