Monday? Again? Already? Okay I guess. At least the weekend was great…and goooo!

Friday: Work was work. Then I came home and Matt and I went out for a fantabulous date night. We went to Island’s for dinner (seriously I love that place) then watched Wolverine. And oh man, I gotta say I loved Wolverine. I love the X-Men movies and I thought this was a great prequel, great special effects, hot guys (hello Hugh, we’re friends, remember me? Nice job in the movie), awesomeness.

why hello there Hugh

After the movie Matt and I came home, relaxed, drank some wine and it twas loverly.

Saturday: Woke up earlyish and headed over to Santa Anita to see Matt’s younger brother graduate from culinary school. For a graduation it wasn’t too bad, they served food and beer, but you couldn’t really hear any of the speakers and everyone in the audience talked the whole time. But hey it was a graduation and Matt’s brother did it, so woo! Time to celebrate!

Matt, Brad the graduate and Ryan
the whole group celebrating

After the graduation Matt and I went home for a bit to relax and run some errands (yeah I know those two words don’t go together but run with it, haha). Eventually we headed over to Matt’s dad’s house for dinner with everyone to celebrate. We got to eat some tastiness, watch some Robin Williams LIVE and just hang out. Twas loverly.

Once dinner was over we headed over to Michaela’s family’s house to drink some more, hang out some more, laugh some more, all in all hang out some more. After that Matt and I came home and watched some SNL (ohmygosh Justin is a SNL gem, love it all) and drank some wine. Another solid night.

Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day!! Matt and I headed over to brunch with my family and my grandma and it was delicious, I mean who doesn’t love brunch? Afterwards Matt and I headed over to Michaela’s family’s house again to go swimming. It was awesome. The weather was perfect, the pool was perfect, and Michaela has some of the cutest nieces ever, it was so much fun. After swimming I took my mom to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past as a Mother’s Day treat and it was actually pretty cute. We headed home after the movie and my dad and Matt cooked dinner and it was delicious. Eventually Matt and I headed home for another lazy night of catching up on the DVR and drinking some wine.

All in all it was another pretty spiffy weekend (yeah I said spiffy what of it?) and I’m already counting down to the next one (but really I mean who doesn’t do that? haha).

And how was your weekend? Enjoy the good weather? Drink some wine? Have some good times? Woo!

happy monday!