A Re-Welcome.

In case you didn’t see my tweet yesterday, I found out my little ole blog was featured on Blogger.com’s “Blogs of Note” list and ummm WOW. I even screenshotted it in case non-Blogger.com users didn’t believe me:

(yes I am a screenshotting nerd but I couldn’t believe it! heck I still can’t)

And since I have been featured I’ve acquired some new readers or some new onlookers so I just wanted to take a chance to welcome you and give you some fun facts so you can catch up. Annnnd go!

  • My name is Katelin (if you couldn’t figure that out then you should just leave now, haha).
  • This is what I look like:

  • I just turned 25 and got engaged, so life is pretty good.
  • One day I will meet Keanu Reeves and I’ll say “Wo” and it will be magnificent.
  • I hate zuchinni.
  • I own one pair of tennis shoes.
  • I blog a lot about celebrities and Hollywood and it’s totally useful. You’ll probably use the knowledge in every day conversations.
  • I would be okay listening to Craig David and New Kids on the Block non-stop.
  • I can’t function without a planner.
  • If I could eat pizza, enchilladas and cupcakes every day forever I’d be pretty content with that. I’d also be a thousand pounds but hey at least I’d be happy right?
  • My curly hair pretty much displays my personality, all over the place.

Anyhoodles, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell, need to know anything else? That’s what the archives are for :)

Have a most fabulous it’s almost the weekend day! Woo!

happy thursday!