Hollywood is running late.

So it’s Thursday and I haven’t had a Hollywood post yet so ummm let’s get to it shall we?

  • And starting off with the cute bebes we have a newbie in the mix. Little Usher the fifth aka Cinco, haha best nickname ever. But really little Usher is sort of adorable, and it doesn’t help that his dad is big Usher, haha.

    how precious

  • And for the second bebe of the week we have little Harlow Madden because ohmygosh she is so freakin adorable. Seriously her little smile is just the cutest thing, I love it.

    ahhhhh so cute!

  • Movin on from the bebes….in sad news, another Golden Girl has passed away. Bea Arthur passed away over the weekend. Although she probably wasn’t everyone’s favorite on the show you still can’t help but be sad. We’ll miss you Bea!
  • And in happier news, Twilight news to be exact…not a whole lot actually. Oh, the Twilight cheeseburger video has been making the rounds. So check it out. Enjoy. Oh oh again, Taylor Lautner has been seen canoodling with Selena Gomez and this pic is just adorable to me, oh teenage love affairs:

  • Also in favorites news. Craig David was on several websites today. Without a shirt on. Fixing stuff. People know who he is and not just me!
  • Another hottie that has emerged to promote Wolverine…oh no not Hugh, I do love Hugh don’t get me wrong, but helloooooo Ryan Reynolds, nice to see you again!


  • Oh hey guys I didn’t forget you because umm Halle Berry was at the LA premiere of Wolverine and I gotta say, she’s smokin. I may have a girl crush.

  • And in TV news….
    How I Met Your Mother. Best show ever oooooooor Best show on right now ooooooor Best of the Best of the Best? Haha. Seriously this show cracks me up.

    Top Model. Buh bye Natalie. I sort of liked you, but eh. Peace out. For last week’s recap I will again divert your attention to the most hilarious of recaps here. Oh and this Tyra spoof video is also a must watch, seriously hilarious. As for last night’s ep….Teyona and Aminat are dumb, seriously they bother me (and I have this sick feeling one of them is going to win, ugh) and I knew Fo was leaving, I’m so sad I liked her.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Yay for a new episode! It was so cute and so sad and so happy. And I thought it was pretty funny that so much of it was wedding because of course I notice that now, haha. And speaking of the Derek and Meredith wedding, they have their own Knot page, haha.

    John and Kate Plus 8. Yeah I know the show isn’t on right now, but ummm John is being sketchy. Seriously John, stop it.

    The Hills. Why do I watch this? I don’t know. I know that once Lauren leaves I will be watching it no more. But I will say that Heidi and Spencer have ruined the best day of the year…my birthday…those toolbags were married on my birthday and in my hometown! WTF Speidi?! Why would you ruin such an amazing day?! You even made my favorite color your wedding color and it didn’t look good! Ah! How could you!?

    However I can forgive you simply because you took this picture:

    oh too ridiculous.
    (thank you julie for this gem)

  • And for today’s WTF news we have a girl that beat off two “thugs” with her marching band baton. Seriously it’s not really WTF, more like bad ass. But really that is sort of awesome, you know those guys were not expecting the girl to beat the crap out of them, gotta love it.

And that my friends is the Hollywood news of the week (well as much as I could find in a short time, haha), anything I left out?

happy thursday!