The Joshua Jackson story.

by katelin on April 29, 2009

So I told you I’d tell this story eventually right? Hollywood news just has to wait another day because before my life got uber exciting and engagedlike I ummmm met Joshua Jackson!!!

So how did this all happen? Let me share.

My mom’s friend got me tickets (that my parents paid for, Happy Birthday to me!) to the Paley Fest presentation of Fringe. Basically every night for two weeks a different TV show is highlighted and different cast members and staff of the show come and speak on a panel and last Thursday night just happened to be for Fringe.

So Matt and I sat with my mom’s friend and the show started. A special clip was picked to start off the night and I almost died of laughter. It was from the “Breakfast Club” episode of Dawson’s Creek when Pacey mentions Mighty Ducks. Seriously, priceless.

After the clip was shown, a full episode of Fringe was aired. Once the episode was over people clapped and I looked over to the doorway near me and there was Joshua Jackson. I almost died of happiness right there! But then Josh ran back in to be appropriately introduced, haha. The moderator of the night was a writer for Entertainment Weekly and he introduced JJ Abrams first and then a writer and a producer or something and then Ana Torv (the leading lady of the show) and before I knew it out came Joshua Jackson again! Ah! Heart! Yay! And last but not least, John Noble (who plays Josh’s dad on the show) came out.

The whole panel was great. Joshua Jackson is hilarious and witty and ah, I am an even bigger fan now it’s that’s possible. JJ Abrams is so young looking. John Noble is pretty ridiculous too. And Ana Torv seems so fragile and cute and I heart her too.

Once the panel was over everyone rushed the stage to get autographs. I tried to get up there but it just wasn’t happenin, so I took pictures instead. And I tried to get through to shake Josh’s hand but that wasn’t happening either. And he wasn’t taking pictures with people so I was sort of bummed, but I totally understood, way too many people.

helloooooo Pacey Whitter!

he was signing away, what a nice guy

Ana found something pretty funny

aw I love his smile! le swoon

However, luck was on my side! I found a spot right by the exit and as Josh was leaving I yelled out “Josh!” and he looked over at me and I said “I just want to shake your hand I’m a really big fan” and he shook my hand and said “Thanks for coming out, it’s great to meet you” and he smiled and I was giddy and swooning and Matt was laughing at me from afar and then Josh was out the door.


That statement alone is aweosme. I shook his hand. I said hello. He talked to me. He smiled at me. Seriously amazing. Meeting two of my top five in two weeks, yeah I’d say that’s sort of awesome. And heck I’ve met three of my top five in the past six months, man I love those celebrity gods.

I wonder who I’ll get to meet next….. Keanu? You out there? :)

happy wednesday!

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  • Shelley

    Hmm. Screw all the kitchen-related items I was going to ask for for Christmas/birthday this year. I think I just want the entire series of Dawson’s Creek on DVD.Love JJ’s outfit. I’m a sucker for a man in a suit.

  • Deutlich

    This just made me smile SO BIG!

  • Michelle and the City

    damn. this totally trumps my craig morgan story ;)

  • Lily

    So so very jealous!!! That is incredible! Can you bring some of your celeb-meeting luck to Vegas? PLEASE?! Wow, I’ve loved Josh since ever… le swoooooon. :)

  • Kyla Roma

    As a total Fringe addict, I have to vote that as maybe the coolest thing ever. And I second Lily! These things you do? Do them in Vegas please! We will pay you in drinks.

  • lisa @ seriously.

    I’m so jealous, I LOVE Joshua Jackson. I love Fringe in general, but he makes it extra delicious.

  • Jen

    Ok, it’s decided. You need to come with us on our trip to NYC. I need the celeb gods on my side. Are you in??? He will forever be Pacey to me. ♥♥♥

  • Chris

    Holy shit you have the best life ever. Pretty sure I’m moving to LA, stat.

  • Amandaaa

    jealous. so did me proud, shaking hishand and all. i adore that they showedthe “breakfast club” clip.that’s awesome. dawsons creekis just the best! he looked adorable that night.but lets be serious, whendoesn’t he?

  • Alanna

    OH EM GEE. Joshua Jackson is definitely in my top 10, nay top 5. We’re from the same city (Vancouver, Canada) but somehow the stars have never aligned in my favour. Seriously jealous of your life right now.

  • Jamie

    Oh Pacey. I love you.

  • Teresa

    you lil sneaky devil! you’re the luckiest girl eva and i’m beyond jealous!! i’m sure you’re going to see keanu next and that will just be the final straw – I WOULD DIE! here’s hoping he’s freshly shaven ;)

  • Freckles

    Ok so I’m totally jealous. That is an awesome birthday present on top of you’re already amazing engagement. You are such a lucky girl!

  • Julie Q

    ummmm where was your FIANCE with the camcorder taping this handshaking incident with Joshy Jack!!! omg those pix are kick ass. you are a lucky duck.

  • ScribblesNDots

    OMG!!! Lucky Lady!! Josh Jackson is a VERY good-looking guy! I’m glad to hear he’s so nice! Someone that attractive could be rotten to the core!! It’s always great to hear nice stories about celebs, thanks for sharing!

  • Ali

    Ahh, SO exciting! I was THE biggest Dawson’s Creek fan, so this is big news to me as well! Yes!

  • Gemini

    You are totally brave for just yelling his name :) Love it!!

  • LiLu

    I LOVE Fringe! Both for Pacey and Walter- they are hilarious together.

  • Emma

    Wow!Your. Life. Is. Crazy!Amazing stuff :-)

  • alexa – cleveland’s a plum

    this is so awesome! you my dear lead a charmed life : )

  • Auburn Kat

    That’s sooo exciting!I just have a feeling you are going to meet Keanu…let’s just hopoe this feeling is right again this time=)

  • gemma

    SO EXCITING.I seriously am so serious about coming down for the oscars. you dig? I DIG.

  • insomniaclolita

    He’s seriously yummy, why don’t you take a picture with him?:P

  • Blicious

    sighhhhh. i am so jealous! i met him too a LONG time ago and it was dreamy! :)

  • ria

    *sigh, i want to be you when he smiled at you! that’s freakin awesome!!! :)

  • Princess Pointful

    You are like the Celebrity Whisperer… you have a seriously talent for meeting them!!

  • *~Dani~*

    You are one lucky girl! I think I would have shouted out “Pacey!” I wonder if he would have answered?

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