Big Birthday, even bigger news!

aka The best birthday in the history of all of my birthdays Part I.

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for the fabulous birthday wishes and tweets and Facebook posts and everything, it was so incredibly sweet and you are all rock stars.

Secondly, remember when I said that Matt told me he got the “best present in the history of presents”? Yeah well his present definitely lived up to his claim. It was the best present I could ever possibly ask for.

Backing up a bit, Friday at work was awesome. Got to go to lunch with some coworkers and after lunch we were supposed to have a meeting but instead we went and had cupcakes and it was great. Even better my boss let me leave a bit early so I could make it home in time for the plans Matt had made.

So I get home, get all dolled up for dinner and we hit the road. Before I know it we’re by LAX but I wasn’t really paying attention too much. Matt “missed” his exit and we ended up having to go to LAX which I still didn’t really think about as anything and before I knew it we had pulled up to a gate and there was my best friend Jen!!! Matt had flown her in for my birthday. I most definitely screamed and jumped out of the car and cried a bit from happiness and ah! It was such an awesome surprise.

After we got Jen we headed back up to Pasadena and Matt said we were going to stop at our apartment so Jen could drop her stuff off and what not. So we walk in to the apartment and this is what I saw…

I squealed yet again!! My parents had come over and decorated with birthday signs and balloons and dropped off the dinner Matt had ordered and even left a pitcher of margaritas! Seriously it was so cute. I was so excited to have dinner in with two of my favorite people and talk and drink and just have a good time.

After dinner was done Matt said he had one more gift for me but it was outside so I had to walk out with him. Then he stopped me on our porch and told me to close my eyes while he went to go get it. I was such a nerd and said I didn’t want to keep my eyes closed because I was afraid of the bugs. But before I knew it Matt told me to open my eyes and when I did he was on one knee in front of me with the most perfect ring ever. He didn’t even have time to propose before I started crying and saying “ohmygod are you serious?! are you serious?!” I was such a teary, goofy mess and eventually Matt got up and asked me to marry him. And I yelled out “of course!!”

And Jen, being the best friend that she is stayed inside ready with the camera for when we came back in. So she got these great shots of the newly engaged us! Ah! I still can’t believe it!


kisses and more kisses!

of course I had to get a picture with Jen!
ah! so glad she was here to share it with me.

letting our family and friends know

toasting to our future marriage…ohmygosh marriage!
haha, I still can’t get over it.
obviously. :)

and Jen took a picture of the ring,
I am very much in love with it

So folks that was my Friday and my goodness I couldn’t be any happier.

Part II of the birthday coming tomorrow and then I promise the Joshua Jackson story, but you can’t blame me for posting this first :)

happy monday!