25 and Fabulous!

It’s here! It’s really truly finally here! After mentioning it non-stop and getting giddy just thinking about it my Birthday is HERE!! *

I am so ready to be 25 it’s not even funny. Don’t ask me why (well sure you can ask me) but I’ve always been excited to turn 25. Most likely because my birthday is April 25th but also because 25 just sounds so cool. I remember being in 6th grade and thinking how cool 25 will be, not 21 but 25. Love it.

25 sounds adult. 25 sounds like a mature person. 25 sounds classy. 25 sounds like fabulous, that’s what it sounds like. And now, I am 25!!

Man saying that just makes me smile. And I pretty much sound like the biggest dork ever, but whatever, haha.

Anyhoo I just can’t wait for the birthday festivities to start; after work tonight Matt’s taking me to a surprise dinner and giving me “the best present in the history of presents” then Saturday night I rented out the back room at a wine bar and a bunch of friends are coming and we’ll have food and wine and be merry and I can’t wait!

And with that I bid you adieu and hope you have a most fabulous weekend. Oh and…

Happy Birthday to Me!!

***oh and yes I totally met Joshua Jackson and this is officially the best most amazing month ever and that post will be coming next week, woo***

*okay well let’s not get technical my birthday isn’t until tomorrow but I don’t post on the weekends so ta da birthday post today!

happy friday!