Three Things.

One. Today is Thursday which makes today awesome because I am off to the Paley Festival for Fringe tonight and I may actually get to see Joshua Jackson, and then I may faint or squeal in joy or just giggle like a school girl and hope Matt still loves me afterwards.

Two. I got a new birthday dress in the mail and it didn’t fit, so it made me really glad I bought a backup that’s just as cute if not cuter. But it also made me realize that even though it’s my birthday my Wii Fit still needs me and I need it. And with 25 I will work out again! Woo!

Annnnnnd Three. I promise after Tuesday I won’t be talking about my birthday any more and the blog will be birthday free for a bit, and I hope you’re not all sick of my birthdayness yet and you still heart me dear freaders. :)

And what three things would you like to share today? Woo!

happy thursday!