Is it Summer yet?

Is it Summer already? Because really it totally felt like it this weekend. It was in the 90s the whole time and I was so lazy and hung out with friends it was amazing. Seriously, amazing. I don’t even think I can put it into words how it was was, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try…

Friday: Got home from work a bit early (which is always awesome) and headed to dinner at the OG (also known as Olive Garden to some people) with Matt to use up a gift card he had. And oh man, it was scrumptious. I got the newest dish, the lasagna rollatini with chicken and I think I may have drooled at how good it was, haha. I most definitely recommend the next time you hit up an OG. After dinner we used more gift certificates at Baskin Robbins and indulged a bit in some ice cream deliciousness. Once we got home we headed to the local dive bar with two of our friends and it was so much fun. I’m pretty sure I was buzzed by the time the night was done, haha. All in all I’d call the night success.

Saturday: Woke up earlyish and commenced in project Clean Apartment which luckily didn’t take too long, oh the benefits of living with someone, haha. And then before I knew it I was off to chop my hair off. After getting my hair cut (which I must say I loved, as always) I headed over to Paseo to do some shopping because yeah with a birthday coming up why not spend more money on myself, haha. I bought a new dress and some shoes and a tshirt and ah! Love. After some shopping I met my friend Megan at the movies and we saw Sunshine Cleaning. It was actually really good. I mean I knew it’d be good, it looked good, I love Amy Adams, I love Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin is hilarious and umm yeah can’t really go too wrong there. Yeah it’s dark but it was also refreshing and funny and I really enjoyed it. After the movie I headed home where Matt and I basically did nothing for the rest of the night. It. Was. Awesome. I mean I don’t know where the night went, we watched some shows on the DVR, drank some wine (well mostly I did), played some Wii, made some stove top popcorn, gave myself a pedicure and yeah, it was great.

Sunday: Went down to San Clemente with my mom and some of her friends to celebrate my godmother’s birthday which was fun. Walked around all the cute shops, took in some sun in the proces, had some tasty Mexican food, twas loverly.

When I got home Sunday night Matt and our buddy Jeff and our friend Stef were BBQing outside. It was like I was walking into Summer, it was awesome. The dinner turned out great (ribs, salmon, asparagus, pasta) and we had fruity drinks and beer and watched How I Met Your Mother. Afterwards Jeff played the guitar for a bit and we sang along and hung out and basically it was amazing. Oh oh and of course I took some pics too, gotta show off the new hair cut.

aw cuuuute.
check out that hair cut, not bad right? :)
Matt and Jeff reppin it
Me and Stef, woo

So in a word, lovely. A lovely kind of night that made me love having our own apartment all over again :)

And now it’s Monday again. But it’s okay, it’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! haha, I kid. Well not really, Saturday is my birthday and I’m so excited for it, and I hope this week just flies by, so Woo to that!

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!