Such a pretty Hollywood day.

Heyoooo kids it’s Tuesday so you know what that means? Time for some Hollywood scoop, and go!

  • Today’s first cute little bebe we have Violet 2.0 aka little Seraphina Affleck! She’s just so darn cute. Can’t tell if she’ll be as cute as Violet yet but I mean look at the genes, it’s pretty hard not to. But hiii Seraphina! Welcome to the blog :)

  • And next we have Jen’s upcoming costar in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Matthew McConaughey and his adorable son Levi . I mean just look at those eyes, aren’t they just precious?! And yeah his dad is kind of nice to look at too :)

    so dang cute.

  • And heck one more bebe pic…making their debut to my blog I believe. are Jax and Jaid Beauvais-Nilon. Are they not just the cutest things? And umm they could totally be my future children :)


  • Also in the bebe news, it’s official…the Duggars are taking over the world. Don’t know who the Duggars are? Good! I wish I hadn’t heard of them and their crazy ways and their TLC show but alas it cannot be helped. The Duggars have eighteen kids and their oldest son who just got married a couple months ago I believe announced today that his wife is already pregnant!!! Gahhhhhh! It’s madness I tell you, madness.
  • And movin on from the bebes to Zac Efron! Haha. Still with me guy readers? Didn’t think so, haha. Anyhoo, Zac is so pretty. I mean it’s sort of weird but sort of cute. I’ve never really seen the appeal but this picture just intrigues me and umm I sort of want to see 17 Again even if it is just like Big in reverse, haha.

  • Any guys left? Here’s Rashida Jones. I think she is so pretty. And I’m pretty sure she’s a mixed kid like me, so I like her even more, haha.

  • Twitter is taking over the world. Last week I posted about how Demi Moore saved someone’s life via Twitter and now her husband is trying to get to a million followers before CNN does, haha. Not for any reason other than if he gets it he said he will ding dong ditch Ted Turner’s house, haha.
  • In Twilight news…more shots from the New Moon set have emerged and I secretly get giddy…okay not secretly at all, haha.

    oh le swoon.

    she actually smiles!

    I know this movie has a while until it’s even close to coming to theaters but the TwiNerd inside of me can’t help posting about it still. Heck if The Other Boleyn Girl wasn’t so dang long I’d probably be rereading Twilight again, I admit, I’m an addict, haha.

    However, these people are bigger addicts than me. So much so that they’ve gotten Twilight tattoos, talk about extreme fans!

  • In OHMYGOSH music news…
    I’M SEEING CRAIG DAVID TONIGHT!!!! OH MY EM FREAKIN GEE. I am so incredibly excited for this concert I’m finding it hard to function, haha. I hope it’s good and Craig doesn’t dissapoint (which I don’t think he can) and that I don’t get lost and everything works out, ah. Love. Yes. Yay. Music!
  • In TV news…
    The Hills. In the latest Speidi gossip it’s been said that they are indeed tying the knot for real this time. And when is it? April 25th of course. And even better. In Pasadena. Haha. I joked to my friends that we should crash their reception after my birthday party, man wouldn’t that be awesome. Also in Hills news, apparently Lauren is going to be on an upcoming episode of Family Guy, haha. Random? At least she’s keeping busy since she isn’t filming any more.

    How I Met Your Mother. While watching Season 3 Matt discovered that Ted and I have the same birthday. How sweet is that!? And yeah I haven’t watched yesterday’s ep yet, friends in town, had to prioritize people, just know it was probably awesome.

    Medium. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why aren’t you watching this show?! Last week’s ep with James Van Der Beek was so good. I called the ending but it was still good.

    Fringe. Ah yes Fringe returned last week, hello Josh Jackson I missed you. Just like I missed the last ten minutes of the episode! Damn you American Idol for going long and ruining the end of Fringe! So can anyone tell me what the heck happened at the end?

  • And in today’s WTF news we have something seriously WTF worthy. Over the weekend, a woman at the Berlin Zoo decided that she wanted to swim with the polar bears, at feeding time. No joke. The woman jumped in! And was surprised when it freakin bit her! I mean what an idiot. You can check out the pics and video here, it’s unbelieveable and seriously ridiculous.

And that my friends is today’s Hollywood news. And yes I know I didn’t post about Octocrazy or Woody Harrelson’s zombie attack or Brit Brit’s random ramblings at concerts but I just don’t care about it all, haha. So feel free to add it to the comments if you want!

Hope you have a most fabulous day.

happy tuesday!