Keanu we need to talk.

Dear Keanu,

We’re friends right? Well sort of. I’d like to think we’re friends even if we’ve never met, but that’s just details schmetails. Anyhoo, friends tell each other things right? Especially when something isn’t right, right? Well I have something to tell you.

That beard you’re growing…yeah it’s not cute. I know you’ve done it before and you’re super lazy and don’t like that whole shaving thing and all but really? Really?

I sort of shuddered when I saw this pic and your beard, it’s just so eck. I mean did you see yourself in Speed??? You were HOT! Do you remember those days? The clean shavenness, the crew cutness, the buffness? Remember that? I miss that. How about making a Speed 3 or something okay? :)

Oh the good ole days. Anyways, if you really do want to keep this whole not shaving and mountain man look going you can at least trim it a bit, take some tips from a guy that knows how to rock it:

Granted I may be a bit biased with that one, haha.

So yes Keanu, we’re still friends but please clean up a bit. Okay? Thanks.

See you soon? My birthday is coming up and it’d be great if you could make it :)



happy thursday!

*ps. thank you for all your kind comments on yesterday’s post, it definitely meant a lot*