The drama is back in Hollywood.

Tuesday you say? Hollywooood news? Well let’s freakin get to it.

  • This week’s cute bebeness comes from two of the most adorable girls in Hollywood (and no it’s not Violet, because she’s #1, obviously). The first bebe isn’t really a bebe any more, but more so a spitting image of her dad, seriously Matilda Ledger is just too precious!

    she’s just too cute!

  • Another bebe who’s a spitting image of her dad…little Harlow Madden. Seriously her curls just make me melt, and her pudgy wittle face. I love it!

    so darn adorable.

  • Also looking cute and daper these days as he films his newest movie, The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp of course. Seriously the man is just so swoon worthy, I love it:


  • Also lookin good these days, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Although I loved Emily and Michael Buble, these two are pretty cute with their matching shopping bags and all:
    and I love her shoes!

  • In other random celeb news, last week’s big story was that Demi Moore saved a woman’s life over Twitter. Yeah you heard that right. Twitter, saving lives.
  • And in movie news…
    Every time I see the preview for Wolverine I sort of freak out. I seriously cannot wait for this movie. And all I can think of now is Hugh Jackman’s Oscar opening and his song ending “I am Wolveriiiiiiine!”, haha.
  • In music news…
    I’M SEEING CRAIG DAVID IN ONE WEEK!!!!! One week people, one week. It’s been seven years since I’ve seen him in concert and I’m just so excited. I’m pretty sure I’ll be like this kid next Monday night, haha.

    Also in music news, Ryan Gosling’s band released a new song. I don’t know how I feel about it still, but hey at least he’s trying. And umm he is Ryan Gosling, can’t really go wrong there, haha.

    One more to music news, Kid Cudi, Kanye and Common have hyped up Lady Gaga’s acoustic version of “Poker Face” and it’s pretty bad ass. Check. it. out.

    Oh wait and one more music factoid. The Academy of Country Music Awards were given out on Sunday. I didn’t watch, but there were some of my favorites there (mainly just Taylor Swift, haha). And there were some winner, definitely looked like the girls won out too. So way to go ladies. You can check all the winners here.

  • And in TV news…
    Medium. I am sort of in love with this show. The family is just so normal (minus the medium powers) and I heart them. And all of the episodes are just so good and interesting and yeah, awesome. Even more awesome…James Van Der Beek was on last night’s episode. I haven’t watched it yet but I know it’s going to be good. James plays a bad guy (similar to his Criminal Minds appearance perhaps?) and I know it’ll be good. I just love seeing the Dawson’s kids in action.

    The Hills. Oh how I have missed this show and it’s ridiculousness. And you’d think if Heidi wanted to be friends with Lauren again she’d correct her bf when he calls her a queen biatch, I mean really. Wait and who the crap is this Charlie person? He looks like a freakin pedophile, no wonder Spencer is friends with him, gah. And ohmygosh I laughed out loud when Lauren asked Lo and Stephanie who invited Heidi. “I know Lo didn’t invite her I was just being nice”, hahahahaha. Seriously Spencer is the biggest dbag ever, starting the fight over the fact that Cameron called him out, I hope Cameron freakin sues him, wow. “I mean how do I know what he was doing at the bar??”…um you watch the show when it airs? Haha. I mean if Heidi doesn’t know Spencer is ridiculous by now, she’ll never know, gah. And way to tell her the truth Lauren. Oh but the tears, why the tears girls? Oh right, alcohol and a camera.

    Okay I could write a whole post about this insanity and I haven’t even talked about the second half hour yet, but gaaaah why do I watch this?!?!

    Greek. Apparently last night’s episode (or every episode I don’t know) was directed by Fred Savage. Random. But seriously, I love this show. Such a great guilty pleasure. I mean the way they talk cracks me up. Andylicious, haha, oh wow. “I miss young Leo”, haha oh Titanic. And um why don’t they just tell Frannie off??! She drives me nuts! Seriously this show is gold.

    John and Kate Plus 8. According to their Facebook fan page they’re coming back for another season May 25. Is it just me or does that seem incredibly too soon? And they way they left the last finale? I don’t know. I hope it’s a short season or something, I feel like John and those kids need a break.

    Fringe. IS BACK TONIGHT! Ah! How I have missed seeing Joshua Jackson on a weekly basis.

    Top Model. Way to go Fo! Seriously, I heart her. She by far had the best pic last week and I was glad they picked her. And umm that “fight” was the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It was so annoying I almost changed the channel. Oh and of course, check out this blog for the best most hilarious recap ever.

    now that is FIERCE.

  • Now in today’s WTF news we have one hilarious video. Hilarious why you ask? Hilarious because one. it’s from 1982, two. it’s from a TV show called the Scene. and three. the dance moves are phenomenal. Seriously just watch it and enjoy:

And that my friends is the Hollywood news of the day. Anything I missed? Let me know.

happy tuesday!