A funny faces kind of friday.

Is it just me or did this week fly by? I mean I’m not complaining at all but I feel like it was just the weekend and now we have it again and man that makes me happy. I’m even happier with a paycheck coming my way too, haha. Money? Yes please.

And did I mention it’s the weekend? A weekend where I have some schnazzy plans? A weekend where I plan to do lots of random things and useful things all at once? I didn’t? Well I am.

And because I am so happy and have no shame I thought I’d share some pictures from my past, well not past past like childhood but past as in a couple years ago because seriously I am such a weirdo. And I can say that I will most likely make one of these faces this weekend simply because I am such a goofball and because I can.

I crack myself up.

Yeah I’m pretty weird sometimes….maybe all the times. :)

Anyhoo hope you have a most wonderously random and crazy faced weekend!

happy friday!