A Bear Necessities kind of weekend.

Oh another weekend cut too short, dangit. Anyhoo, time to get to it.

First of all, regarding my overly excited post on Friday about Craig David… don’t feel bad if you didn’t know who the heck I was talking about. I don’t know too many people that know who he is unless I’ve told them about him anyways, haha. So you are definitely not alone. Anyhoodles, moving on to the weekend recap, woo:

Friday: After a lovely day at work I headed over to my cousin’s 13th birthday party. Seriously my cousins are getting so old it’s freakin me out! But it was fun to hang with the family for a bit and chat and laugh and drink Smirnoff Ice (not even kidding my family loves the stuff). After the party Matt and I headed home and called it an early night since I was exhausted and Matt had to work on Saturday, so nothing too exciting but perfectly lovely just the way I like it.

Saturday: While Matt was at work I sort of enjoyed having the day to myself. I slept in, made some breakfast, finally got my car washed, went to the grocery store, went to the library (heck yes I finished another book, woo me!) and watched Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Seriously have you watched that movie lately? It’s amazing! Amazing I say, I seriously love it. Once Matt got home we headed over to his brother’s girlfriend’s parent’s house for a BBQ. It was so fun to hang around with everyone and drink and play with all the little kids (seriously I’m a sucker for little kids). The best part of the night and the highlight/story of the weekend actually came though on our drive home. We were not even a minute away from leaving the house when Matt and I see this blur in the road. Once we got closer and my lights hit it we saw it wasn’t a blur, it was a freakin BEAR! A BEAR PEOPLE, A BEAR!! I nearly screamed, even though it was down the street and Matt was just like “Ohmygod a freaking bear!!!” It was pretty ridiculous. Since I was driving I didn’t want to go anywhere but I inched down the street slowly and flashed my brights and honked my horn and the bear darted off the side of the road. But still, a freakin BEAR! Sadly it was not as cute as Baloo but it was still adorable but man I was freaked out. I didn’t want it attacking my car, haha.

So yeah that woke me up, haha. Matt and I got home, had some wine, watched some TV and laughed about the bear all night long, haha.

Sunday: Matt went off to play golf with my dad and I slept in til 12:30, it was amazing. I don’t remember the last time I did that, but man it was amazing. Basically after that I lounged around then went walking with my aunts (gotta stay in shape even though the marathon’s done!). Afterwards Matt and I headed over to the Ice House with my sister and some of her/my friends and our mom. The show was pretty funny, the opener was actually our local weatherman which was interesting and the main guy was a hypnotist. I’m not so much into hypnotists but it was still an entertaining show. Afterwards I spent the rest of the night hoping Monday wouldn’t come and hanging out with Matt, haha.

And that my friends was my random, bear filled weekend. And how was yours? See any wildlife? haha.

happy monday!