Walk, don’t run.

So remember way back when when I was supposed to walk in a half marathon and I was super excited and really pumped and ready for it and then California had a million fires and the air quality sucked and the walk I’d be prepping for for months ended up not happening? Remember that?

Yeah well it’s officially rescheduled and I’ve been walking like a crazy walking woman since then and it’s officially happening this Sunday! This Sunday people!!

That’s thirteen miles of walking! Walking all over Pasadena at six freaking thirty in the morning, on a Sunday no less. Seriously, I must be crazy.

that’s the route, woo

I just have to keep telling myself I can do it. Heck it my two aunts and my mom can do it, I can most definitely do it. We can all do it! So think of me Sunday as I’m walking away in the Pasadena Marathon and cross your fingers I make it.

The best part will be after we do make it and have our celebration dinner that night with tacos, margaritas and Twilight. Oh yes I’ll be finding some way to own it by Sunday even if it involved me getting up at eight tomorrow morning, oy.

Anyhoo hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Any big plans? Plan on walking anywhere? Running even? Haha.

happy friday!

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