Cheese makes the world go round.

Heck yes it does. Just call me your every day cheese foodie.

Haha, who am I kidding? I’m not foodie, I’ve just gotten lucky the last two times I’ve tried to cook. It probably doesn’t hurt either that both recipes had pretty similar ingredients (ham, cheese, onions, bread) and were almost impossible to mess up.

But still, I’m giving myself a pat oh the back for another meal well done. This time around it was drunken cheesy bread (another one from Real Simple, check it out here). Yeah it sort of looks like a pile of cheese (which I don’t really mind) but I swear there’s more in there!

Anyhoo I just had to share my amazing ability to not burn a pan or ruin a meal two times in a row! Wahoo!

And what did I do to celebrate St. Patty’s Day and my cooking accomplishment you ask? Why I drank some Killians beer with Matt and watched Boondock Saints. It was rockin…shamrockin…Okay lamest joke ever. I tried to make it on Twitter yesterday and totally didn’t work there either, I’m determined to make it funny one day, haha.

But yeah that was my day. Any cooking feats for you lately?

happy wednesday!

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