Hollywood makes me swoon sometimes…a lot of the time.

Tuesday. Hollywood post day. And go!

  • In this week’s cute bebeness we have the oh so adorable Klum kids. I mean how much happier could these kids be? They are so cute!

  • In other cute bebeness making her debut on my blog is little Honor Marie Warren. Yeah I still don’t know if she the cutest of all cuties out there and her mom needs to smile more, but this picture just made me laugh and smile for some reason, maybe because of that giant ball and her adorable headband:
    check out those cheeks! so cute!

  • Moving on from the bebes I’ll toss something right off the bat for the guys: A MacGyver movie! Apparently the Hollywood Reporter said that MacGyver is coming to the big screen soon. Although no script is in place yet, apparently it’s being worked on. I wonder if MacGruber will make a cameo?
  • Also coming to the big screen soon? NEW MOON! Ah. Okay the fan girl in me just squealed. I just can’t get over Twilight. I swear I thought I was done and then BOOM! Shots from the set, Twilight coming to DVD on Saturday, Rob Pattinson in GQ, it’s Twilight overload! And ummm of course I have to share it. So if you’re over Twilight just skip this part.

    the sunglasses, oh the sunglasses!

    these three are always together now
    ah hiiii Taylor and your long Jacob hair! :)

    PopSugar has a ton more pictures from the set and ah it just makes me happy. But man I hope the movie isn’t awful because they’re rushing it so much.

    Oh and Rob Pattinson is gracing the newest issue of GQ and ummm yeah I have most definitely swooooooned.

    His full interview is here. And ummm oooooohhhh la la is all I have to say to that.

  • Also in Oooooh la la land is the one and only Joshua Jackson. Seriously he is just adorable. And he just looks so daper in a suit:

    oh oh and Diane was there too

    looking fabulous too!

  • Also looking fabulous lately, Reese Witherspoon. Seriously she’s been rockin some of the cutest short dresses on the premiere route for Monsters vs. Aliens I just love them all. But that gray one may be my fave of the bunch:

  • And in today’s music news…
    Have you heard this new one from Taylor Swift? “You’re Not Sorry” is what it’s called and it’s so good. Yeah I definitely listened to it like seven times yesterday. I definitely recommend checkin it out.

    Oh and remember how I was so excited about Josh Kelley and Ryan Cabrera going on tour together??? Yeah well turns out Josh has a show today and Ryan is not performing with him!?! What is that!?! I mean really. So sadly I don’t think I’ll get to see them together, maybe next time.

  • And in today’s TV news…
    Desperate Housewives. Can we just wrap up the crazy Dave story already!?!? Come on I need to know what happens!? And if you kill Mike I don’t think I can watch this show any more. But still, come on already!

    How I Met Your Mother. Marshall’s wearing a night gown, Marshall’s wearing a night gown!! Little Barney says “mahalo!” Haha, seriously this show cracks me up all the time. You should really be watching it, all the time.

    Top Model. Okay not pertaining to this season, but apparently auditions for next cycle got so out of control it looked like the Twilight signing mobs going on. The video is even more insane, it’s crazy! Oh and I must say even though she was a an annoying crier last week, I’m still on team Fo for the win. And I can’t really do recaps justice anymore after reading this guy, so I’ll just send you here for some hilarity.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Cancer? 5 months? What the eff?!?! Is she or isn’t she dying?! And is it just me or was that whole episode last week just all sorts of angry? I mean, gah people, gah. And Derek was hitting the ring really all that necessary? No. I didn’t think so.

    Brothers and Sisters. Oh. My. Goodness. Yeah I really said that after this week’s episode. I seriously laughed through the whole Spring Break shenanigans, but then Tommy! Ah Tommy! I totally called that he would be gone. And Kitty, ah! Don’t break up with Robert, just don’t do it! And Ryan and Rebecca, stop it and stop it now! But ah how I love those Walkers, love it!

    Hole in the Wall. I forgot how funny this show is. Seriously, people trying to fit into holes on foam walls. Hilarious. Watch it. Laugh. Repeat.

    The Tonight Show. Apparently our Prez, Mr. Obama, will be making an in studio appearance on the Tonight Show this Thursday, a first for any president. I may just have to watch that, schnazzypants.

  • And today’s WTF news we actually have a hilarious prank courtesy of the people at College Humor. Basically a guy tricks his friend into believing he won a half a million dollars at a basketball game. A description can’t even do it justice, so just watch it and enjoy!

And that my friends is the day’s Hollywood scoop. Woo Hollywood!

And Happy St. Patty’s Day! Hope you’re wearing your green!

happy tuesday!