Missing: Katelin’s Brain.

I am worried.

Remember how I hurt myself playing the Wii on Tuesday? Yeah that was the first thing.

Well I forgot to mention that after I finally recovered from my injury I proceeded to ram my toe into the couch. Awesome.

Then yesterday morning I’m leaving for work, lock my apartment up, get to my car only to find I left my car keys on the table. So I go back inside, grab my car keys, lock up again. Get in my car, start my car, only to realize I left my water bottle right next to where my car keys were. Oy.

And then yesterday afternoon you may have seen my tweet, but I dropped my Ipod headphones in my vanilla yogurt. How does someone even do that?! Yeah I have no idea.

Seriously? Where is my brain? I seemed to have lost it. And now I’m even more worried because today is Friday the 13th!?!

So let’s all pray that I don’t trip on my own feet, walk into my desk side (this has happened before), forget my purse, spill water on my computer, drop my Ipod into my soup or anything else ridiculous. Pray people, pray!

And just because it’s Friday and I need something fun, enjoy this song and try your best to not dance (or just tap your feet), it’s impossible I tell ya:

happy weekend!

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