Hollywood schnaziness.

Oh it’s Tuesday alright and I’ve got plenty of Hollywood scoop for ya, so here we go:

  • Today’s cute bebes come from the Affleck girls. Ah! Little Seraphina went with mom and dad to get Violet from school last week and seriously she’s a precious little baby blob and Violet is just the epitome or adorable per usual:


    so smiley

  • And today’s second cute bebe comes from little Matilda Ledger, seriously she is adorable. And Michelle is a pretty stellar mom and Heath was a cute dad and ah! Heart her.

    so silly, so cute
  • And while we’re speaking of Michelle, let’s go to my favorite Dawson’s Creek alum, Josh of course! Josh has been everywhere lately and I am not complaining at all.
    For starters he’s featured in the NY Times article for Big Screen stars that are on TV. Heart:

    Josh has also been in Toronto promoting his new movie One Week.

    And while talking about his movie he talked about Diane and their relationship and seriously it’s just so dang cute. Pop Sugar has the whole thing here and seriously I heart him even more.

    Also in the Josh realm, Reeder’s Corner posted the actual trailer and a snippet review of One Week. Apparently she got to see it already and now I just need it to come to the US because obviously I’ll see anything Josh is in.

  • In other favorites news did you know yesterday was Barbie’s birthday?? Yeah Barbie is a favorite. I was a Barbie addict when I was younger. I still have all of mine I just can’t part with them and I seirously hope one day I have a daughter who loves Barbies as much as I did. But yeah, so Barbie is 50. She looks dang good for 50, haha. So happy belated Barbara Millicent Roberts (yeah who knew Barbie had a full name?!)!
  • And in Twilight news, apparently the cast has landed in Vancover and are getting ready for the filming of New Moon. It’s also been confirmed that Dakota Fanning has joined the cast as Jane. I sort of really like her for the part. Man I’m so excited.
  • Apparently I’ve developed a bit of a crush on Eva Longoria’s closet because seriously I sort of want this dress. I don’t know how it would look on my figure but it’s so classy and cute:

  • Oh and for some random celeb news. Let’s go.
    Vince Vaughn is engaged.
    Kanye’s girlfriend’s tights are sort of blinding.
    Britney had a serious outfit and mic malfunction at her concert in Tampa.
    Mariska Hargitay is not doing so hot and will be missing SVU for a bit.
    Iron Chef’s Cat Cora and her wife are both pregnant and already have a 5 year old and 22 month old. Are they trying to compete with the Octo-Mom? Haha.
  • And in TV news…
    How I Met Your Mother. “All that stuff BS…Before Stinson)”, haha. Seriously this show always cracks me up. Granted I may have been laughing more than normal since I was still laughing at the fact that I smacked my hand into the door knob playing Wii bowling before the show was on. Besides that, classic episode. No pants, I was laughing, haha.

    Medium. Anyone else watching this show besides me and Jen? It’s. So. Good. I love the dynamic of the family and the storylines are crazy. Last week Blythe Danner who is oh so sweet killed her daughter out of despersation and my goodness it was goooood. As creepy as that sounds, it was so goood.

    John and Kate Plus 8. Best line of the show ever perhaps…”The dogs don’t like being interviewed.” Haha, I about died when Joel (or Aaden?) said that.

    The Hills. Are coming back soon!! And apparently it’s Lauren’s last season. And they want the show to go on without her? Yeaaaaaaah MTV that won’t work. Just so you know.

    Top Model. May I be so bold to say that this season will be amazing? Perhaps. But oh my gosh we have some amazing characters. And I’m pretty sure there was a record amount of criers this first episode it was hilarious. And there are so many freakin sob stories too, it’s insane. However I think my faves right now are Fo and Celia and anyone but crazy eyes. But ohmygod I can’t even do the recap justice, I have found my new favorite recap blog, check it out.

    the goddess of crazy is more like it, haha

  • And in this week’s WTF news we have an interesting story. Apparently a man at a gas station really wanted some ice cream so he shoved it down his pants along with some Ramen and some cookies. Once he realized he was caught he offered the gas station attendant $69 to not turn him in. Haha. That’s just so freakin random. If you had $69 why not have bought everything beforehand for a total of like $5? Crazy people.

And that my friends is what’s happenin in Hollywood. Anything I missed? Let me know.

happy tuesday!