Pobby and Dingan.

Pobby and Dingan.

I don’t know why but this short story/book/tale/novella/narrative is still sitting with me. Yeah I did just finish reading it two days ago so of course it’s sitting with me, but I just can’t put my finger on what it is exactly I feel about it.

Oh so wait you have no idea what I’m talking about? Let me back up.

My aunt lent me two books, Pobby and Dingan and Eat, Pray, Love a couple weeks ago and I just got to them on Monday. Pobby and Dingan is only a hundred pages(ish) so I decided to read it first and finished it in two lunch breaks.

The story is narrated by Ashmol, a boy from Australia who talks about his younger sister Kellyanne and her imaginary/invisible friends Pobby and Dingan. One day their dad takes Kellyanne’s friends to work with him at the opal mines and forgets to bring them home. The rest of the story revolves around Kellyanne’s breakdown as her only friends are gone and the way two imaginary people, Pobby and Dingan, bring together an entire town.

I don’t think I ever had imaginary friends growing up, besides every now and then envisioning I had a twin, but Kellyanne’s innoncence was refreshing. And the way everyone comes together to not only help her but because they want something to believe in is endearing as well. But at the same time, the story is incredibly sad. I won’t give away everything that happens but at the end I was sort of left with my mouth open saying “ummmmm that was not supposed to happen.” But then again, I didn’t write it and maybe it was supposed to end that way. Maybe life isn’t supposed to have imaginary friends…but then again, maybe it is.

In any case I don’t really know what I meant to get across by posting this rambling mess, just check the book out for yourself. It’s short and sweet and definitely leaves you thinking when you’re done.

Any books you can’t stop thinking about lately?

happy thursday!