It’s oh so Hollywood here.

It’s Tuesday? Already? Hollywood post? Okay then.

  • Seriously, there are so many freakin cute bebes in Hollywood it’s ridiculous. Ridiculous but oh does my heart just love melting….and with that, this week’s cute bebe is little Valentina. With a mom like Salma Hayek how could she not be adorable?
    seriously adorable.

  • Okay and because I can never pick just one cute bebe of the week, little Nahla has come out to play with her mom, Halle Berry, and seriously she is just so cute.


  • Okay movin on from the bebes, I’m not always a fan of Eva Longoria but seriously I love this dress. It’s adorable. Don’t know if I’m feeling her shoes or her hair in this pic, but man I want this dress:

    I want it!

  • In mmmmmcanhepleasewalkbymyofficeagain news… Ryan Gosling looks so good when he’s not wearing holey t-shirts. Just kidding he always looks good. But man he looks especially good in this pic:

  • Moving on from the hottness let’s go to the hilariousness…Seriously all of these guys crack me up and this picture is amazing:

    It’s even better than they were mimicking an old photo with Keira Knightley, ScarJo and Tom Ford. But man I love those guys, especially Jason Segel, he’s just so dang cute. Oh and there’s more, check them out and ensue laughter.

  • In music news…
    Apparently Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. It’s just so sad. I don’t really know what else to say besides that, but if any guy ever hit me I would not get back with him, ever.

    Also happenin in the music world, Miss Britney is definitely en route to making her grand comeback. Her Circus tour is kickin off today and she is the new face of Candies. Seriously it’s amazing to see her doing so well and it makes me so happy. And this video of her rehearsals almost makes me wish I was seeing her show, almost.

  • In movie news….
    So remember at the Oscar’s when Javier Bardem and Daniel Day Lewis didn’t show? Yeah well apparently Javier had a good excuse to not present to this year’s supporting actor winner and support his girlfriend Penelope Cruz, he has a herniated disk and was ordered to stay in bed by a doctor. Shucks. Feel better Javier!

    Twilight news. Oh Twilight news. It’s coming to DVD in 18 days at midnight on a Friday night. I’m almost convinced that I should join the crazy fangirls and go and get it. I just don’t want to go to the store on Saturday and have them be all sold out. But ummmmyeah I’m sort of excited :)

    I saw this on my friend’s Tumblr and I just had to share it, man I couldn’t agree more about the XMen movies, X2 is definitely my favorite:

  • In TV news
    How I Met Your Mother.
    “Child stars were better in the 80s.” haha yes. Seriously this show cracks me up. I love Lily’s call at the end, haha. Amazing! And Barney’s scripted family, haha, classic.

    Heroes. I finally watched the first new episode and all I can say is “what the hell????” I hate all this bad guy/good guy switching, it’s too damn confusing. And all the dead/undead people, it’s confusing.

    Top Model. Comes back tomorrow! Oooooh yeaaaaaah! Bring on the crazy Tyra sayings and stories of her life. Man I love this show and cannot wait for it to air tomorrow.

  • And in today’s WTF news we have three rather ridiculous and disturbing headlines…I’ll let you read them if you wish.
    Woman tries to trade two kids and $175 for a $1500 cockatoo. She makes the Octo mom look good.
    Deputies say man stuffed cat inside bong. Umm cut back on the weed kid?
    Pink dolphin appears in US Lake. This is sort of awesome, haha.

    Seriously I couldn’t make these stories up if I tried, haha.

And that’s what’s happenin in Hollywoooood. Anything I missed? The Bachelor finale? Yeah I don’t watch that but I hear it happened, haha.

happy tuesday!