I’m a gamer at heart…at least on the weekends.

by katelin on March 2, 2009

Oh what a most fabulous weekend. Seriously I thank the gods of health that I was not sick any more (or as sick as I was last weekend at least) to enjoy this weekend. Okay enough chit chatting, update/recap time, woo!

Friday: Friday oh Friday. Friday I got to host my own Nintendo Girls Guide to Gaming Party. It was awesome. Brand About Town contacted me a while ago and asked if I would want to host a DS party for some of my girl friends and ummm how could I say no to that one? So Friday night was the party at a photo studio in LA, and it was great. Although I wished more people had showed up I had a great time with the girls that did make it. Okay picture time! :)

me with my party sign :)

Court, Kourt and Tara racing each other, haha

Kerri, Nanette and me enjoying some DS playing

Leticia! (I’ve known this girl since 1st grade) and her friend
and me, posing in between playing

and back to playing, haha

Me with Court and Nicole posing with their new DS’s definitely a good surprise to end the night, everyone that came got a DS

the girls playing away

the girls in front of the “I heart Katelin” sign seriously it was so cute

the seriously adorable charm bracelets we got for playing each game, so fun

Seriously it was the coolest opportunity to have this company come in and cater (unlimited food and drinks) in the cutest little place to me and some of my friends so we could play DS’s and Wii’s all night. It was great. I saw friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and bloggers who I adore, it was great. And I’m sort of in love with the charm bracelet too, it’s so so cute. Anyhoo that was my night in a nutshell and it was awesome. Thank you Brand About Town and Thank you Nintendo! Seriously, you rock.

Saturday: Yeah the rest of my weekend didn’t really have the same awesomeness as Friday but it was still fun. I slept in as long as I coul and basically spent my day between the grocery store and Target. The highlight of my day came when I walked in the door from the grocery store and dropped a bottle of wine right at the entry way.Yeah that was superb….ugh. After all those shenanigans Matt got home from work and we went to dinner with my sister and her friend at El Cholo and man was it tasty, crabmeat enchiladas and margaritas? Yeah that was delicious. The night got even better after dinner when my aunt and uncle texted and wanted to meet Matt and I by the sketchy bar near us, we said sure and it was awesome. We hung out, people watched, had some drinks and all around a great time.

Sunday: Slept in a bit and watched Lord of the Rings on TV with Matt before I went walking with my mom and aunts and uncle. The marathon is in three weeks! Ah! Crazy pants! So yeah we did nine miles and good gracious I was exhausted afterwards. After the walk I got home relaxed a bit then Matt and I had dinner with his dad where we watched more Lord of the Rings and just hung out. And by the time we got home all I felt like doing was writing this post and heading to bed, haha.

So that my friends was my weekend in short(ish). All in all a good time and a great way to start a new month, haha.

And how was your weekend? Anything exciting? Can you believe it’s already March!?!

happy monday!

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