Some important things.

Okay they’re not thaaaaat important but I feel like sharing/getting input/rambling so here goes:

  • Josh Kelley is going on tour with Ryan Cabrera in April!!! I pretty much squealed with delight when Josh announced this fun fact on his Myspace blog. Not even kidding. I love Josh and I love me some Ryan too. So basically it’ll be the best concert ever. Okay not ever, to be the best ever Keanu Reeve’s awful band Dogstar, O.A.R and Craig David would have to join the set and then I’d just die of happiness overload.
So yeah who’s going with me???

  • I think it’s time for another LA Blogger meetup. Right? Yeah I thought so. Maybe end of March? Spread it out a bit. Well if you’re a girl LA blogger send me an email if you want to go to a super cool event manana and I’ll let you know.

    But back to the point, LA Bloggers UNITE! Maybe a weekend? A St. Patty’s Day fest? Somewhere awesome? Think about it. Get back to me.

  • In 24 days I will be walking in a half marathon. Finally. But ohmygosh I am getting nervous. Due to travel and most recently sickness I have been slacking on my training and my Wii Fitnessing and ah! I need to get healthy so I can rock this marathon. If you want to come out and cheer me on it’s March 22nd in Pasadena, woo!
  • And in less than two months (April 25th to be exact!) is my birthday, my 25th birthday!!! I know I already freaked out about it before, but really, what the heck can I do to celebrate?!?! And I need a new outfit?! And margaritas? And yeah. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the Nyquil talking, it’s my birthday and it will be awesome.

Okay that’s all the importantness I have for one day. Anything important going on in your world?

happy thursday!