Fondue is fun.

Why hello there freaders, how was your weekend? As you noticed I didn’t blog yesterday because hey it was a holiday adn I could do a day without my computer. Anyhoodle, the long weekend was lovely full of lots of relaxing and cheese and more relaxingness.

Friday: Got to leave work a bit early because our internet was acting up and I work at a company that does everything online so no internet makes the day take a million times longer, oy. So yeah headed out of work early then went home to Matt where neither of us wanted to make anything for dinner so instead we headed to Chili’s which was surprisingly delicious. Afterwards we came home, caught up on the DVR, had some wine and basically a lovely night in listening to the rain.

Saturday: Slept in a bit (which is always awesome), did some errands with Matt before taking advantage of some sun and walking around the Rose Bowl with some fam. After walking Matt and I went up to my parent’s house for a pre-dinner of sorts since we had some out of town relatives over. It was nice, but the best part of Valentine’s Day for me was afterwards when Matt and I finally had time to ourselves. We came home and made some cheese fondue which ohmygoodness was delicious.

Matt gives the gouda two thumbs up, haha

he focusing on melting that cheese just right

annnnd the final product!


After fondue I talked Matt into watching Sixteen Candles (which is one of my faves). And he didn’t hate it! Ah, what a great boyfriend. Once the movie was over we just relaxed, drank more wine and watched about 10 episodes of How I Met Your Mother season one, Matt has definitely converted, woo!

Sunday: Slept in yet again (yesssssss), watched more HIMYM and got ready for the day. Once we were ready we headed over to Beverly Hills to see our friend JR in a play. It was pretty entertaining actually and he did a great job. It was definitely a fun way to spend our afternoon. After the play we headed back to the parents house to say bye to the fam. Then came home to make chocolate fondue (yummmmmmy!) and watched more season one of HIMYM, seriously that show is amazing and always makes me laugh.

Monday: Ohmygosh I was a lazy ass. Caught up on the DVR, worked out on the Wii and read a bit. It was the perfect day off. Love it.

And how was your weekend? Do anything fun? Love fondue as much as I do?

happy tuesday!