I’m a sucker for a Hollywood party.

Hip hip hooray! It’s Friday! Woo! Do I know what I’m doing this weekend? No, not really. But that doesn’t matter, it’s almost the weekend!!!!

Anyhoo, in light of the weekend I’ll give you the quick and picturerific recap of my Tuesday night that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Well if you didn’t figure it out, the fabulous Tara (you can see her recap of the night here and video here) invited me to go to the launch party for a new video game, Afro Samurai. And how could I say no to a party with celebs in tow in Hollywood and an open bar? I couldn’t.

So anyhoo, my coworker Kimmy and I got to Geisha House walked around and immediately start recognizing faces like Donal Logue, Eva from Top Model, and some TV people and what not. Eventually we found Tara, got to meet her hilarious husband and another fellow blogger EStarLA. As we sit there chatting it up we see none other than Phoebe Price herself, Michael K’s biggest crush. Now who is she you ask? Yeah I don’t even know. But Michael K at Dlisted is obsessed, haha. So of course I had to sneak in a picture.

Chicken Cutlets!

After chatting a bit and grabbing drinks Kimmy and I decided to mosey on upstairs and check it out. And who do we see right at the top of the stairs, none other than Samuel L. Jackson himself. Unfortunately he just just about to leave so I couldn’t say hi, but hey I saw him.

view from the top

Me, Kimmy, Tara and Esther

After Sam left we saw Kevin Federline’s first ex, Shar Jackson, hanging out in the VIP section and other random folks. My favorite of course had to be seeing Paul James, who plays Calvin on Greek. He was so incredibly nice and talkative and apparently was really happy to take a picture with us:

The guy on the other side is apparently going to be on this season of Greek also, so yeah, I got the inside scoop, haha. After my Greek run in we saw Sleepy Brown on the stair well, Lisa from Top Model, Quddus from MTV and some other randoms on our way to the bathroom. However one of the best run ins was while Kimmy and I were in the bathroom she looks at this girl and goes “Are you Samantha Mumba???”To which the girl said “yeah I am.” I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud when Kimmy then proceeded to ask if she’d take a picture with her. It was awesome. Samantha said yes and then I couldn’t get “Baby Come On Over” out of my head all night, haha.

Kimmy and Samantha “Baby Come on Over” Mumba

After the party started dying down Kimmy and I headed over to Les Deux for some dance party action. Although we had to wait a while, we eventually made it in and danced like crazy people and it was awesome.

Basically we rock. And what was even more amusing was when we were getting ready to leave and we saw the cameras! I’m pretty sure my reality TV loving heart fluttered a bit in hopes I would see some ridiculous Hills action. Alas, I did not. However we got a pretty raunchy performance from Kendra of Girls Next Door. *update to add, apparently she was filming for her own show*

she was crawling all over him
yeah he was really kissing her butt

straight chugging Patron, I am impressed

I know the Kendra pics aren’t the best but some girls kept running interference and my flash takes forever, but I swear it really is her, haha. Anyhoo after the show from Kendra and the fact that it was getting late Kimmy and I posed for one more picture before calling it a night:

All in all it was a great night and I can’t believe how many random celebs I’ve seen in the past week just when I was saying I hadn’t seen any in a while, haha. Oh speaking of which, there are some professional pics from the partay here just in case you’re curious.

Anyhoo, since Tuesday was like a weekend for me I’m pretty sure my actual weekend will be pretty low key and I cannot wait.

happy weekend all!