Letters from Tuesday night.

Dear Tara,

You are awesome. No really, you are. Thank you for inviting me to the Afro Samurai Launch party. You know I love some good celeb sightings and this was the perfect spot for it. So really, you rock.


Dear Samuel L. Jackson,

Can I call you Sam? Okay well, it was really cool seeing you, I just wish we could have chatted or something or you could have spontaneously yelled something about snakes or planes and used some curse words, maybe next time? Oh and thanks for saying “excuse me” as you passed, manners are always nice.

a girl who’s never seen Snakes on a Plane

Dear Phoebe Price,

Is it okay if I call you CC? You know, Chicken Cutlets? I figure Michael K can do it I can too. Seeing you on Tuesday pretty much made my night. You are like a white Bai Ling, you just pop up everywhere! I love it.

a girl that wouldn’t know who you were if it wasn’t for Michael K

Dear bald guy,

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Nigel Barker? Because man, I totally did a double take.

a girl that really wished you were Nigel

Dear Eva and Lisa,

I loved you both on Top Model even if you’re both a bit crazy.
Just so you know.

a girl on team Top Model 4EVA

Dear Cal,

Can I call you Cal? I couldn’t remember your real name all night and Cal just seems right. In case you didn’t hear me when I was talking to you, but I love Greek. I really do. It’s like a secret addiction that’s not so secret because I’m talking about it on my blog. But really, that’s for indulging me and taking a picture and being overly nice, it was refreshing. You rock.

a not-so-secret Greek lover

Dear Samantha Mumba,

I looooooved your song “Baby Come on Over” back in the day. Seriously, it was the jam. And umm thanks for taking a pic with my friend in the bathroom, we’re classy like that.

a girl that owns the NOW CD with your song on it

Dear camera crew at Les Deux,

Way to get my hopes up last night and make me think you were filming the Hills. I was really excited for a quick second. I was hoping to see Audrina or Lauren or Speidi just to say I saw them and laugh as they reshot scenes, haha. But alas you were filming a show, just not one I watch. Kendra however was pretty funny to watch go crazy with the patron bottle and climb all over her football fiance. I wonder if she learned that from Hef, hmmmm? So yeah how about next time you film a show I watch, k? Thanks.

a girl who knows her trashy reality TV

Dear Katelin,

Why the eff did you forget me at home? I mean really how are you supposed to upload your pictures without me, I am pretty crucial. And that picture of you and Cal is awesome so I know you want to share it. So umm yeah how about you don’t forget me tomorrow okay? Thanks.

your camera cord

happy thursday!