A weekend for some Hot Shots.

Oh another weekend come and gone, my goodness why is it already over??? I’m sorry to say as lovely as this past weekend was, it was pictureless. One of the few weekends where I didn’t get any pictures, so I’m going to try and keep this post shortish so I don’t totally bore you. Anyhoo, here we go:

Friday: After work I came home to help Matt cook us some yummy dinner. After dinner we popped open a bottle of wine, played some Wii (seriously, I’m/we’re obsessed, haha) and then settled down the night with a classic comedy, Hot Shots. Twas just the casual yet awesome night in we needed.

Saturday: Wedding day. No not my wedding, my cousin’s wedding day. I’m her MOH for her October wedding so we spent the day checking out the wedding location, gettig her sister’s bridesmaid dress, searching for shoes and just talking weddingness. It was tiring, but all in all pretty fun. After the day of weddingness we went back to her place, relaxed and napped for a bit before all of our aunts came over for a Girls Night In. It was fun hanging out with all the ladies of the family all night, eating good food, drinking lots of wine, and chatting all around. After the ladies night I came home to have more wine with Matt and watched Hot Shots Part Deux. Seriously those movies are hilarious, definitely the best way to cap off the night.

Sunday: Spent the day lazily by cleaning up some Christmas stuff, organizing bills, and watching the Dark Knight. Seriously I hadn’t seen that movie since I saw it back in July and oh man I almost forgot how awesome it is, almost. After that I headed over to the Rose Bowl for a six mile walk with my fam and Matt who joined us on rollerblades. Seriously, that walking business is tiring, whew. After walking a good long shower we headed to my parents place for dinner and made it home in time for me to curl up with the Golden Globes! Seriously, it’s my second favorite awards show so expect big things for tomorrow’s Hollywood post. But I will say I definitely let out some tears of happiness for Kate Winslet when she won, Matt may or may not have laughed at me as I may or may not had to wipe multiple tears after I shouted “yaaaaaaaaaay KAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!!”. Yes I love Hollywood.

Anyhoo, that my friends is my low key yet lovely weekend. And how was yours?

happy monday!

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