Let’s dance for Friday!

So as of lately (who am I kidding, as of always) I’ve been on a music kick. Not just any music though, the kind of music that can’t help but tap your feet or just get out of your desk and dance music. Yeah it’s been fun times over here. So anyhoo, I figured because it’s Friday and Friday’s always warrant a good time that’d I’d share some toe tapping, good times jams:

Shut up and Let me Go – Tings Tings

That 70’s Song – The Cab

The Way You Move
– Outkast

You – Atmosphere

Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Oh yes, I have an amazing taste in music, I know, haha. And what do you put on to dance through your day?

Anyhoo, hope you all have a most wonderous weekend!

happy friday!

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