Things to make me squeeeeee.

Seriously I just want to squee. Clearly I’m easily entertained so here’s what’s making me squee today, weeeee:

  • Jennifer Garner had her baby on Tuesday! And Violet, my fave of Hollywood bebes, is now a big sister to a new little sister. Aw. Precious. And now Isabella and Gia Damon can all come over for one big girly play date. I love it. Congrats to the happy fam! :)

  • Twilight! Ah yes of course it always makes me squeeee. But the most squee worthy news as of late is that Taylor Lautner will officially be reprising his role as Jacob Black in New Moon. Seriously I think he’s a perfect fit and hopefully the magic of special effects will make him age perfectly, woo. Good luck Taylor!
  • In other Twilight squee worthy news, Summit released the artwork for the forthcoming Twilight DVD release. I am both excited and perplexed, why the heck is Summit releasing everything so freakin fast. I mean really, give Twilight a breather, I’ll still be a super fan when it comes back. Anyhoo, it’s a basic cover but I really don’t get why the nomads are on it, why not the Cullens? Oh well.

    oooooh update the DVD comes out March 21st!! woo!

  • Seeing pictures of Joshua Jackson lookin all cute and stuff when Fringe is still on hiatus. Le swoon.

  • Activa Vanilla yougurt has been making me squee because ohmygod have you had it before? It’s heaven in yogurt form. Seriously, it’s phenomenal, so go out and get yourself some stat!
  • Leo oh mama mia Leo. Seriously he just looks so handsome in a suit and aw swoon, Jack Dawson is that you? Oh wait, you’re in a new movie that I was so excited to see a year and a half ago and still haven’t seen yet, what is wrong with me!? I swear I’ll see it soon, otherwise keep lookin so dapper, mmmmm.

  • A new episode of Grey’s is on tonight! Ah! I don’t even know what it’s about but I’m excited. I love that show and good Thursday TV is always a plus right?
  • Oh oh and it’s Thursday which makes tomorrow Friday which means it’s the weekend which means woo which means today is definitely squee worthy.

And yeah today was basically another Hollywood post but it’s my blog and I do what I want. So anything ridiculous making your squee today? Or is it just me? haha.

happy thursday!