Why hello there 2009.

First of all…


Man I can’t believe it’s already 2009, seriously where is the time going? I really do not know. Anyhoo I figured with the new year ahead I’d do something I don’t usually do…sing!

Haha, I kid, I kid. I won’t torment you with my voice, however I will tell you my New Year’s resolutions. I don’t ever do them because I rarely stick to them, however I figure why not this year? It can’ hurt anyone.

So here we go.
1. Try not to worry as much. I know you can’t really tell from my blog, but in real life I’m sort of a worrier. About everything. So my goal is to chill out, relax and it’ll all work out.

2. Meet more bloggers! I mean really, there are so many LA bloggers I have yet to meet and it’s about time. And heck I’d like to re-meet/hang out some more with other local bloggers. Hell even the non local bloggers (hello BlogHer ’09?).

3. Read 25 books. I figure if I can read 23 between March and December of this year I can definitely pull off 25 for all of next year.

4. Become a baking master. Okay that may be a stretch but I really want to up my baking skills and wow the crowds. Only practice will help me.

5. Take at least tw0 vacations with Matt that aren’t attatched to a wedding. With four weddings and lots of group activites lined up for next year already I want to have some fun just for us.

And that my friends are my resolutions. Are you writing any this year?

Anyhoo I hope you all have an amazing New Years!!!

happy thursday!