The Wii wins over Hollywood.

First of all, thank you for all the good Wii vibes because yesterday Matt walked through the door with a Wii in hand, hark! So this post won’t be all too long because obviously I’m too wrapped up in bowling, playing tennis and pretending to box. So here is the shortened Hollywood post, woo:

  • Today’s cute bebes come from Melissa Joan Hart’s fam, seriously her family is just so adorable and happy and precious and ah! Love:

  • In other cute bebe news little Olive Cohen is just so dang adorable these days and looking more and more like her mom, I love it. Seriously how happy does she look in this picture?

  • Speaking of bebes Chyler Leigh, aka Lexie on Grey’s Anatomy, is pregnant with her third bebe! Third, she’s only 26, crazy pants. Luckily they won’t be writing her pregnancy into the show because man that could be intense, but congrats to her and her family.
  • In favorites news it’s rumored that Drew Barrymore and Jason Segel have been hanging out lately and possibly canoodling, among other things. Seriously I heart Jason Segel so don’t break his heart Drew, you hear me?

  • In today’s movie news, Marley and Me came in numero uno at the box office this weekend. I’ve heard goo things about it but don’t know if I’ll actually be able to see it since there are so many movies out I want to see, speaking of which I’m seeing Slumdog Millionaire tonight and cannot wait. I read the book that it was based on and it was amazing, seriously so excited.
  • In other movie news, Pink is the New Blog posted new promo pics for Transformers 2 and they look pretty cool. I must say even though the first movie was ridiculous in plot it made up for it in special effects.
  • Speaking of movie news and skipping ahead to the WTF news, a man in Philly was annoyed by a father and son talking during a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and pulled out a gun and shot the father. Not only that, but after he shot the guy he sat down and finished watching the movie….umWTF?! What a freakin psycho. Crazy pants.
  • And lastly in TV news, did anyone watch The City last night? I currently have it siting on my DVR waiting to watch and I want to know what to expect. Is it as ridiculous as the Hills or better? Granted I doubt it matters and I’ll watch it anyways, haha.

Anyhoo that’s all I got today kids. Feel free to comment anything I missed.

happy tuesday!

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