Let it snow!

I love snow.

There, I said it.

Now I know I don’t have much authority on the matter since I live in (the usually) bright and sunny Southern California, but I did got to college in Ohio for four years and the snow days were some of my favorites. I mean how are snow ball fights and sledding on dining hall trays not the best study break ever? And how can you say that making snow angels aren’t extremely giggle worthy? And how can you deny the peacefulness of a walk on a snowy night? You just can’t. To any of it. Now I know that all my East Coast readers may scoff since they have to trudge through snow to work, scrape it off their windows, drive through a wintery mess, but you can’t deny the magic of snow.

And why am I talking all about snow? Because I’m hopefully heading there this weekend. I say hopefully because the roads are messy and hopefully won’t block our way to the mountains. But if all goes to plan me, Matt, my best friend Megan and her boy are all heading to Megan’s time share in Big Bear! Megan and her boy plan on snowboarding while Matt and I simply plan on enjoying the snow, and I absolutely cannot wait. I’ve been listening to Harry Connick Jr.’s version of “Let it Snow” all week song, clearly I am ready :)

However, I find it funny that in all four years that I spent in Ohio, never once did I own a pair of snow boots. Yet when my dad was at Big 5 yesterday and they were having a sale, he bought me snow boots. Seriously I look like Napoleon Dynamite.

But I secretly sort of love them. For someone who wears nothing but flip flops and flats, the coziness of boots are sort of amazing.

Anyhoo, I’ll be spending my day dreaming of snow and hoping I packed enough layers, I swear two years without snow I feel like a newbie all over again.

So wish us luck and pray for a snowy weekend, woo!

Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend.

happy friday!