Three things to make my day.

There are three things in life that make me happy (among lots of other things, but that’s besides the point), know what those three things are? No? Well let me share:

Hot Dog on a Stick. Snail mail. Scarves.

All are amazing, all of which I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying lately.

Last night despite ridiculous stomach pains plaguing me all day, I had the benefit of a last minute mall run for some Christmas shopping with my mom and a trip to Hot Dog on a Stick with my name on it. I know not everyone enjoys the tastiness of fried food or even hot dogs but man I am a sucker for both and it definitely made my night just a wee bit better.

Now the snail mail part of my happiness has come from so many people letter. Friends have sent Christmas cards and presents (thanks Jen!) as well as the third thing on my list of happy, a scarf from wishcake!

Now I know from wishcake’s blog how cute she is and how fun her style is so I was thrilled when I got her package. Seriously she wrapped it up so cutely and has the best handwriting ever and wrote me the sweetest note and ummm yeah I may have a slight blog crush now more than before, haha. Oh so the scarf, you wanna see?

Love it.

Seriously, how fun is that scarf?! I just love scarves, especially since my office is like the arctic, haha.

Anyhoo, what simple things are making you smile these days?

happy wednesday!

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