Holly olly woody news.

Why hello there Tuesday, ready for a Hollywood post? Why of course you are…and go:

  • Today’s cute bebe comes from little Emmeline Bale, seriously she is adorable clinging onto her dad, one of my faves, Christian Bale (who gets even more points fro me for rockin the USC hat, woo woo):

    seriously so cute.

  • And of course I can’t just limit myself to one cute bebe and how could I not post this pic of little Harlow. Seriously she just has the cutest cheeks ever and her outfit, ah! Adorable:

  • Oh did you know that I love the nutcracker? Of course you do…apparently Suri doesn’t feel the same way because she really wasn’t having it during the photo ops, haha:
    she’s too cool for school, haha

  • Moving on from the cute bebes to the WTF that’s not even cute. Apparently Lily Allen is trying to start some new fashion trends, who knows, I don’t get it:
    so bizarre.

  • However on the other hand, one of my fave looks of the week was Debra Messing at the Damages premiere. The outfit is simple yet cute, I would totally rock it:
    so chic.

  • In favorites news, last night was the premiere of Revolutionary Road with my two faves Leo and Kate. Seriously I wish I could have gone, I had an invite and somehow effed it up and just couldn’t go. But they looked dashing and I love it and love them and cannot wait to see them together again on the big screen:

    heart them.

  • In the movie world, we’ve got two big updates today. Numero uno is the new trailer for Hugh Jackman’s newest movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I absolutely love the X-Men movies and cannot wait to check this one out, it looks so good. And the second movie news tidbit of the day is the official casting of Chris Weitz as the director of New Moon. On top of that there’s been lots of speculation over the casting of Jacob and quite frankly I vote for Taylor, I think with special effects he could easily look older. So get your act together Summit, kthanksbye.
  • In TV news, Amy Poehler bid adieu to SNL this weekend. So sad to see her go, but hopefully she’ll come back every now and then like Tina. Also in TV news, since it was announced that T.R. Knight wants out of his Grey’s Anatomy contract rumors have arisen that he wants to transistion into movies. I don’t really know how I feel about this, but good luck to him I suppose.
    And for some TV recaps…

    How I Met Your Mother. I am just waiting for the newest post on Barney’s blog, full of his Christmas carols, haha, those were amazing. Seriously what a funny episode, and gotta love the Canada jokes, classic.

    John and Kate Plus Eight. Although the show has been getting on my nerves a bit lately with their “this is our every day life” business, I really appreciated how much they focused on St. Jude’s on this week’s ep. It was refreshing and definitely sent a good message for the holidays.

    The Hills. Can you believe it’s almost over!?? Well for this season at least. And then we’ll have the City to hold us over, haha. Granted I am not a fan of Whitney’s guy, he’s like Justin Bobby 2.0, but hopefully he’ll prove me wrong. And if not that we know Heidi and Spencer will make a photo shoot out of anything.

    Oh and some thoughts about last night’s ep: Lauren did a horrible job pretending to be happy for Whitney. Heidi take off that cross necklace you are not a good Christian. Who knew Spencer read? Actually he probably didn’t, just had the book out. Heidi drunk is funny as hell, that may be the only time I like her, when she’s drunk. And Spencer is a creepy creepy man, seriously the wedding conversation was bizarre and gross and ew and how he talked about her family, eck, ew, ew. And how can it be a secret wedding if you get married on a reality show idiots?!?! Fack why do I watch this madness!?? Oh and Lauren, I want that yellow dress, okay sweet thanks. Oh Brody welcome back, where have you been hiding?

    Heroes. I still don’t really know what I think about this season. I swear it was like a see saw the whole season, they’re a good guy, they’re bad, they’re good again, no wait they’re bad, ah I can’t keep track. And Hayden really needs to go back to dramatic acting school because she is bugging me like wo. Anyhoo, the next half of the season should be pretty good though.

  • And this week’s WTF comes from one of the best headlines ever “Man throws shoe at President Bush.” I seriously laughed out loud when I saw that one, but I mean how could you not laugh. Apparently this Iraqi journalist wanted to humiliate the president because show throwing in Iraq is a big no no, haha. Well I’m pretty sure it’s a no no anywhere you go, haha. But man the video is funny.

And that my friends is the week’s Hollywood news, anything I left out? Madonna’s divorce settlement, the fact that the Schreibers know how to give their kids normal names, feel free to leave it in the comments.

happy tuesday!