O’ Christmas Tree!

O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree….

Yeah I don’t know the rest of the lyrics to that Christmas classic, but I do know that Matt and I successfully got ourselves a Christmas tree last night! After going to one place and seeing that the options were dismal and way too expensive for our taste we headed over to the all mighty and powerful Target. Yeah who knew Target had good trees because I sure didn’t? We went on recommendation of my dad and they did not disappoint. We got a lovely little noble fur for our lovely little apartment. Want to see it? Why of course you do because who doesn’t love pictures of trees? haha. Anyhoo, enjoy the Christmasness of our Christmas tree:

Matt’s ornaments aren’t on here yet
hence the plethora of nutcrackers, haha

one of my favorite ornaments

I swear this guy has a face,
but he really is awesome

all lit up and ready to go, woo

And that is our Christmas tree. It’s not fully decorated since Matt’s ornaments are still at his parent’s house and I’m missing a few, but it’s cute and I love it and it’s ours. Just another step to the funness of grownupness, haha.

Do the holidays make you feel a little older? Or is it just me?

But yay for Christmas! Woo!

pps. check out this woman and her insane amount of Christmas trees, it’s slightly crazy.

happy thursday!