Hollywood cuteness, inappropriateness and all around ridiculousness.

Is today Tuesday? Oh why yes it is. Which means here comes the Hollywood recap, woo:

  • Usually I don’t post two Violet posts back to back but ohmygosh my heart just melted when I saw this picture of Violet and Jen:

    Seriously how freaking cute is that picture!? Ah, she’s going to be the cutest and best big sister ever (besides myself that is, haha).

  • And today’s other cute bebe pic comes from one of my most favoritest rocker boys, little Kingston Rossdale learning to ski with Mama Gwen. Seriously he is just so dang adorable, and could probably ski better than me, haha:

  • In other bebe sort of news, Jonny Lee Miller’s wife had a baby named Buster Timothy Miller. What the eff kind of name is that? Eck guess I’m used to weird bebe names now. But more importantly who is Jonny Lee Miller you ask? He’s Eli Stone. And why do I care? I really don’t. But did you know that A. He’s British (I mean what actor isn’t these days?) and B. He was married to Angelina Jolie! Crazy pants!? I guess she really does have a thing for her costars since they were in Hackers together.
  • In today’s big movie news it was announced that Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, will not be returning to direct the big sequel, New Moon. Apparently Summit is in some super rush to get the next movie out as soon as possible (I hear money clinking) and that didn’t work with Catherine’s vision. I think it’s pretty lame on Summit’s part but hopefully they’ll get a good replacement.
  • Speaking of Twilight, I have yet to see it a second time (but hopefully that’ll change soon) but that doesn’t mean I don’t still swoon over pictures of Rob….

  • In non-Twilight news but rather hilarious news, did you watch SNL this weekend? If you didn’t you missed one freaking ridiculously raunchy but oh so funny skit presented by the Lonely Island guys. Now my blog is pretty PG most of the time, but this video definitely takes it to an R rating and because I am oh so easily amused by stupid guy humor, I highly recommend checking it out.
  • In other TV news, apparently Leno isn’t getting the total boot from NBC. Instead he will be getting a nightly prime time spot. The details aren’t totally clear or even announced yet but I think it’s sort of crazy, sort of cool, and I really like Jay. So congrats to Jay.
  • Also in TVness…
    How I Met Your Mother. Thank goodness Jason Segel cut his creepy long hair, he looks so much better now. And Robyn’s obsession with guys who fight was hilarious, as was the whole episode. Love it.

    Desperate Housewives. Seriously this show just keeps getting so bizarre. Granted I’m glad they finally explained Dave’s craziness (as we predicted in the beginning of the season). And Carlos and Gaby are just so cute this season, I love their story this season.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Okay Shonda, time to get rid of the Denny storyline soon. I’m pretty sure I read that it is going to be explained soon, but I hope soon means this Thursday because the whole sex with a dead guy thing is becoming a wee bit creepy. And oh man I think I squealed when Cristina and Dr. Owens were making out, seriously so hot and so cute!

    Heroes. Is it just me or is Peter a whiny biotch this season? Seriously he’s been getting on my nerves all season long. And um talk about one complicated plot line this season, I can barely keep track of what’s going on and who died and who’s in what time frame. Ah Hiro stuck in time!? What the hell!? How is Arthus Petrelli everywhere all of the damn time, good gracious.

    The Hills. So I’ve known forever that Whitney is getting her own show, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss her on the Hills. But really when she was all like “I didn’t even expect this, oh my god”, yeah I could have acted a wee bit better than that one, haha. Oh Whit I heart you and I’ll be watching The City come December 29th, haha. And Audrina and Justin Bobby’s storyline is seriously bugging the crap out of me since she’s clearly still talking to him, ugh. And oh my god why does Spencer give everyone crap about being late all the time, sorry Spence, some people actually have jobs that may hinder their schedules, eck. And Stephanie, it’s really time to leave the show, your stupidity is making me lose brain cells at a faster rate than when I usually watch the show.

  • And to top off today’s post I have the WTF story of the day. Although not much of an WTF more like an awww oh so cute story, two little puppies saved a toddler than wandered into the woods. Apparently the little boy wandered off and into the woods, his two puppies followed him, and while everyone searched for them the puppies snuggled up to the little boy to keep him warm and alive all night. Now those puppies definitely deserve some treats.

And that my friends is today’s Hollywood news, anything I missed?

happy tuesday!