Santa’s helpers have nothing on me.

And we bring to an end another fabulously lovely weekend. Not nearly as busy and ridiculous as weekends to come, and I think that’s why it was so great. Let me share…

Friday: The day when LA Bloggers came together for drinks and a good time, holla! Seriously I was so excited and nervous to meet whoever was coming and all in all it was a great time. Even though three of my faves, Nicole from More is Better , Ex-Everything, and Simply, Me couldn’t make it, a bunch of other great bloggers stopped by. For a while it was just me, Nico from Nicopolitan and Tara from When Tara Met Blog hanging out, eating fries, drinking and chatting away. After a while the rest of the LA Bloggers showed up, including: Your Beard is Good, Starting Over at 24, Laughing Through My Chardonnay, All Things Phil and Michelle Woo. Seriously all of them are awesome. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures (shocking, I know) but heck three of the bloggers are anonymous and my Photoshop skills are not very good. So just know that I didn’t stop laughing the whole night, Phil is a great beer bottle singer, St. Nick’s has an amazing juke box, SO24, RS27 and Chardsy have some great stories, and basically bloggers kick ass. I cannot wait for another meetup in the new year.

Saturday: Let’s just call this day the Christmas shopping marathon day. Me, Matt and my neighbor went on a spree all about town it was insane. We went to Target, my parent’s house to get some Christmas stuff and watch some of the USC UCLA game (fight on!), Home Goods, Matt’s mom’s house for even more Christmas stuff, Best Buy and BevMo. Basically we got tons of shopping done, even some fun stuff for us too. We had so much stuff even that my car was completely packed to the brim, it was so funny I wish I got a picture of it. Sadly I didn’t but the end result was pretty entertaining:

That’s not even everything since we got gifts for people who occasionally check this blog that wouldn’t fit in a book. But it was fun to organize everything and put it away listening to Christmas music, definitely got me more in the spirit. The rest of the night me, Matt and our neighbor hung out, had pizza, lots of wine and watched Tropic Thunder and Love Actually, two movies that are so very alike, haha. All in all it was a great night relaxing in since it’s the last one we have for a couple weeks, woo.

Sunday: Got to sleep in yet again (which is amazing and I highly recommend it), went out to brunch with Matt’s dad, walked a couple miles with my mom, put another dent in my wallet at Old Navy, hung out with Matt a while then headed to the mall to put a bigger hole in my bank account, came home to watch Harold and Kumar 2 and some Sunday TV. Amazing day really.

And that my friends was le weekend. Not too much busyness and a lot of Christmasness, perfect for a December weekend, woo.

And how was your weekend? Are you ready for the holidays?

happy monday!

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